Toyotally Awesome 2012 4x4 DBL Cab


Mar 30, 2022
copied of Tacoma world

As she sits. 08/2018


Welp. picked up this warlock last Sunday.

2012 4x4 TRD sport
59k on the clock.

For now not going to go too crazy on it, as I will be DDing it. Eventually will be come more of a camping/offroad dedicated rig. For now still have this little guy. "The Mouse"

Build thread on DR -

Current plans for Tacoma
-First thing! those current wheels and tires need to go. Thinking going Method NVs/ Bfg ATs done
- Tint. Current tint is way too dark I cant see out of it during the day lol
- swap in app radio 3 maybe add a sub
- factory Track Tie downs truck didn't come with them done
- Bed work lights.
- May install some "rock lights" under truck those have been super nice out in the middle of nowhere on other truck.
- LED bar in Bumper done
-Tailgate pad for Mtb done

More distance plans.
-RTT Rack Mount done
-Race radio done
-Skid plates done
-Sliders done
-TC Kit
- Shax

Stay Tuned

Over and Out

First pay load in the tiny bed lol.

Some kind individuals cut down a tree and dumped the remains in the street behind my office this AM. Free firewood just burns better...

Awesome being able to just throw a load of wood in the bed and go. I know what you are thinking cool story bro that's what you do with a truck.
But you need to understand what I have been working with last few years. Every trip is like level 22 tetris

Even when it's empty you are dealing with a jungle gym or a boston terrorist

No real updates as of yet added some stuff I had laying around garage, Tow hitch, D ring hitch dealio, Tow strap, Gloves ( already came in handy), Tie downs, First aid kit. Still need to add a D ring or 2 and tool kit.
Tracked down some bed rail tie downs that a buddy had laying around so that from his wifes tacoma.

Never fails... been trolling the interwebs looking at things that I need to buy.... Pondering world issues... 33s maybe 35s? Lockers, Do I want to go ARB or E locker ? Gears, sliders? Rubicon, Shakedown up in big bear....... Meanwhile talking to the wife... yeah babe, oh yeah... we are gunna keep it stock for a lonnnnnnng whileeeee

Good Times.
Works like a charm hauling a few bikes to the trail head.

Installed the bed tie downs in all of about 30 seconds. I'm sure they will come in handy.

Been looking at my options for bed lighting... leaning toward Led strips under the tracks.
Not sure what what I want to do for the "rock lights" under truck.

I do still have a bunch of these that I bought long ago.

or maybe something like these?

Got outta the house this weekend with the fam. Cruised up to Mt Pinos near Frazier park. Was actually quite a bit of snow up at the top. 4wd wasn't needed.



Didn't even realize that little snowflake guy was there.



Good times. Can't wait to get back into the mountains.
Little update.

Few weeks ago, took truck out to Lancaster to the poppy reserve.




Stopped off at Vasquez rock on the way home to eat lunch



picked up a mic for my handheld radio

them wheels will be going bye bye soon....Scored some Method NV's even picked up a matching spare.

So tires.....was thinking about just going with 265/75/16 Bfg a/ts and then down the road in a bit go to the larger size. My buddy DMCtacoma informed me that would be a poor life choice. 285/75/16 it will be out of the gate. As I started doing a little research a bit lift was going to be needed. Rear has a lift block already from previous owner. Was thinking going on the cheap and just picking up a spacer lift. Then I started trolling the classifieds and found these bad boys.

Icon 2.5 Coilovers they need a little love. Should be a nice upgrade.

Connor and Olive helping me out

So the snowball begins to roll..... Will be repairing/ installing shocks and doing body mount chop then picking up some tires mounting the new wheels.

Stay tuned....

Doing work with my new baby chain saw lol

Quick test fit while I rotated tires


Haven't had much time to install shocks/ body mount chop so logically buying more parts was in order.

TC Uppers

TC Bed Stiffeners


Hoping to get some work done on Sunday so next week I can pick up some new shoes for the methods.
Saturday installed the bed stiffeners...
Super easy. Stoked on the additional tie down points and flag mount.


Sunday Cruised down to @DMCtacoma first thing was to get the coils off the coilovers. The previous owner of shocks said that the coil stops were seized on.....Much to our surprise we with a little muscle and his larger spanner wrench we spun them right off!

Brian popped open the shocks and pulled out the spacer converting them to the " extented travel "

Spun the old rings off and the new ones one. Don't use and air hammer on your coil stops kids

The needle set up this icons run is a little sketch. The hose we had did not have the correct configuration so we had to hard mount that puppy to the regulator. safety first!


Painted coils and tore into truck.


and reassembled. (Had to flip top cap around after I took this photo. I had it on backwards.)

on the install we discovered truck already had the diff drop installed. So that's one less thing to worry about.


Pulled the sway bar off for good measure and Brian informed me that my mud flaps were getting deleted.

set the ride height and aligned it. Drove her home... Now shes ready for BAJA!


yesterday my main man and I cruised over to Tire shop. ordered up a 5 pack of BFG A/Ts 285/75/16



Looks night and day better.

So much better

Agreed. Thanks again for your help !

It looks better but it rides night and day better.

Got truck aligned yesterday.

Picked up my spare at tire shop.


Went to install under the bed and discovered....That's not gunna work. Hopped on here this AM and saw that remove of guides is the ticket. So I will be handling that and doing a little trimming of the inner fender plastic and the cab mount chop in next week or so.

Headed up to Kernville to shred the MTBs and hang at the river/lake. Apparently the Kern river it too fast to float so we'll have to save that for another time.


I'll report back with some photos.

Good times up in Kern. Riding Just Outstanding, can't wait to get back up there. Truck rides great with new set up took a couple bonus lines that flexed truck out a bit.. trimming is definitely in my future. Riding up with @DMCtacoma was a bad idea though. Chatting about rear suspension and sliders and skids for a few hours... already searching for more parts I don't need.


Trail conditions at the top were epic! Felt like we were in the PNW




Fawk.... Pulled the trigger on some sliders today...Pelfreybilt bolt on with top plates..Will be a bit before those are ready for pick up.

Bed lights are coming soon along with rock lights. Think I'm going to pick up a few of the Ch4x4 push switches as I have a few empty spots should come out pretty clean.

I have a pair China dually LED sitting in the cupboard in the garage. Can't make up my mind if I want to put them on for the time being as ditch lights or maybe just keep them for dust and work lights for the rear ?


Made it official

Putting the tiny bed to work again...


Probably should get this thing dirty at some point....
What do you guys think.... will it tow?


Probably more importantly..... will it stop? haha.

Picked up some weather techs from a buddy that had a tacoma that I thought was a 2012.....Turns out it was a 2011.. anddd they dont fit.


Scored some load bars from my buddy at Frontrunner for my RTT...Hoping to get the little man out for his first camping trip next month somewhere up 395... Should be a good time.

Still need to install my spare under bed
Do cab mount chop. Tire rub is pretty annoying

10 ft ladder ? No Problem

#tinybed # safety3rd

I've gotta say the front runner load bars are pretty sweet. I've had 4 different Thule/yakima bar set up for roof bars. Nothing even comes close to the quality and stoutness of these.



Another plus is if I want to build a bed rack down the road I can use these parts.
Sold Weathertechs last week will be keeping an eye out for a new set that actually fit.

@DMCtacoma and I were in wedding detail this weekend. Out in Sylmar area.

The important stuff.....


Taco Grill side Sunday for a little BBQ.. Nursing the hangover...


Shits getting more overland by the minute.

Front runner load bars installed. Going to be putting tent on this weekend in prep for a little camping sesh
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sapppp ladies. Home is where you park it....

she tows like a dream

Little man cruising

Stoked finally finished dry walling/ painting the garage. Still got a bunch of stuff( build shelving, install TV, Organize shit ) to do but atleast I can pull the truck back in.

Installed the tent last night with the help of my buddy Tucker. Super quick with the Front Runner mounts. Had to break out the angle grinder to get it off the prerunner had a cross threaded stainless bolt that was giving me a hard time.

Stoked it's at the perfect height. Can still get stuff in the bed.



Also I might have ordered complete skid plate set IFS, Trans, T case, Gas tank. from Pelfrey. FML this is escalating quickly
Fired up the HF angle grinder took care of the Cab mount chop cutting portion. Only exploded one cut off wheel. lol Going to test it out this weekend see if I cut enough out before I plate it in. Excited to get rid of that annoying tire rub.




Also attempted to get my spare under the bed... by bending guides out of the way. Ran out of daylight and just seem too close to exhaust for my liking might have do a turn down before the axle or something to remedy that.
First real trip in the truck this past weekend. We headed up to Tom's Place just south of Mammoth off the 395.
Towing the Pop up fully loaded up with camping gear. Left the house at 06:00am

Made it to Mojave little before 8ish gassed up met up with my father in law

On the road again.....

Stopped off in Lone Pine at the Mt Whitney Cafe.

Thats a weird dog...


Down the pike again.... next stop Bishop. Grab fishing licenses, Fuel up and head up to the camp site... Seems easy enough... Noooot so fast.... right as we pass the "Entering Bishop" sign, father in law radios in that his truck is making a really bad knocking noise and he was going to pull over. (2012 F250 6.7 diesel only 70k on the clock! ) he pulls off at the first street and parks on the side of the road. Shuts it down. We take a look and sure enough was leaking oil all over the place.... So after running through our options,we run over to the Ford Dealership only to find their next apt availability was the following Friday just to scope it out! RAD!!!11! He decided he would just get the truck towed over to the dealer and leave it there over the weekend. Luckily we had brother in laws newer F150 ecoboost also with us. So we going back to truck unhook trailer pull the super duty out of the way with the f150 with a tow strap. Hook up trailer F150. Get the Super duty AAA towed to dealer and we are off....... 🤦 You know you are off to a good start when you haven't even hit dirt and you have to break out the tow strap.


Eco Boost is rated for 10,500 lbs we guesstimated the trailer at 8,000lbs and it did a solid 35 mph up most of the 17 mile 8% grade. They had to pull over a few times to let the motor and trans cool down. lol

Meanwhile I was pedal to the metal in the truck with the pop up haha did 60-65 up whole way. Shoulda bought a Toyota!

We get up to the East Fork campground around 4pm and luckily find a few spots that are semi close together. Crack a few sport sodas and unload for the weekend.

Stars were out in full force.


Next morning plenty of bacon happened. Hung out for a bit unloaded rest of crap out of the bed.



Finally got our shit together and headed out of camp for a little trip down to Crowley lake on the other side of the 395..... simple little trail down to the water figured we'd post up down there for a few hours.




Trail was super mellow had one little hill climb that I put it in 4low just cause.

Popped the tent open for shade purposes for the little man.... ( more like wanted to score more overland points)


Seemed appropriate

Had to break out the Sauce kit. Hockey Everyday


Olive Dog


Loaded back up and headed back to camp

Full size fun




My 2 buddies with the Dodges headed out to run a trail. We headed back to meet up with the rest of the group at Rock Creek Lake.

This guy telling me how to drive already.


Attempted a little fishing


Cruised back to camp made dinner. Cracked a few sport sodas and tilted our heads skyward for the meteor shower.




Next am more bacon. Packed up and hit the road.


All and all a pretty solid little trip. Was pretty impressed with the truck loaded down with 4 people pulling the pop up in 100 degree weather across the desert with A/C on full kill. Temp never got over 205..
For the most part the tire rub was pretty good except on articulation when wheels are turned... so I still need to clearance the firewall but that was to be expected. Can't wait to get out there again. Good times....
Took a little trip down south this weekend and met up with the @Pelfreybilt squad at the Baja Designs open house. Pretty awesome they brought everything down with them saved me about a hr each way driving. Quality product from super cool down to earth people.

Traffic was lovely.

The goods....


Skids and Sliders. Will be painting and installing shortly.


Was actually pretty solid... Good turn out. Got a the nickel tour through the shop and I was pretty impressed to see that put everything together in house. You don't see that much any more. Plus they had beer soooooo there's that.

I forgot about this little guy I picked up from Pelfrey


Picked these up for rock lights

Bed lights

This has been escalating quickly.
Gearing up just incase shit gets real at the mall.

paint booth in full operation..


Went with a Hammered Black


Hope to get these bad boys installed this weekend.

Plenty of projects to keep me busy for a bit.
Sliders on. Install went pretty smooth... typical first side took most of my time. Used a floor jack and a old wheel I had laying on the side yard to help balance slider while moved backing plates into place. Hr 20 on the first side 30 mins for the other side.





Thanks @Pelfreybilt for the coozie

Got a chance to use the Rinse Kit for first time. Worked perfect for hosing little man off a few times at the beach.

Switches came in the mail



Also skids almost done being painted will probably get them bolted up this week. Need to pull the diff drop kit to make the IFS skid fit. Thinking I'll probably have to pick up some shorter stock bolts to replace the longer ones that came with diff drop.
Another rough weekend at the beach.



Cruised up to Ojai area with the fam....
Wheeler's Gorge Campground pretty cool little spot to get away. Second time have we used the little room below and it was great for keeping flies away and containing the little dude.




Skids are all painted up need to slap them on still.
Pulled the tent off with help of my assistant.

Put it back on other truck.

Picked up a couple scoops of dirt for the lawn in the tiny bed.



Last week got the stock bolts for front diff. So Sunday my main man and I pulled the diff drop and stock skid and installed the IFS skid.

He mostly was eating the sockets/bolts and running around in my freshly seeded front yard. haha

This skid makes the stocker look like it's made out of foil.


Also took the prerunner out for a rip to get smogged only to find my guy's smog machine is "broken"
...... only year 2000 and up, bro..... FAWK!

That zipped gauge cluster.... Too legit