Sold 1994 Ford Ranger 4x4 Prelander

Sold Item. She Gone!


Mar 30, 2022
Hey Y'all...


Up for sale is my 1994 Ford Ranger 4x4 Prelander.

Is it a Race Truck... No.
Is it Fun to Drive... Yes.
Is it Reliable... Sure.
Its a 30 year old truck that I drive to the desert, in the desert, and then around town.


If you want it for less then 10K... Parts like the lights and tents will start to disappear...

Comes with BLGT Merch, Stickers, High Fives, Podcast Invite, a 12 pack of Bush Lights, and maybe some taco's... who knows.

Build thread here:

Race Dezert Feature:

If you have to ask 'how many miles does it have' you probably don't need a truck like this haha. It probably has close to 200k. No idea. Doesn't matter... Runs and drives great. In the last month or two I've driven it on two 500+ miles trips. Also drove it AZ and back last year (San Diego to Prescott). I had it out for a few runs over Thanksgiving but it's basically parked now until I sell it...

Some basic Info:

1994 Ford Ranger 4x4. (did not come with AC from the factory).
Front end:
Cut and Turned D35 Beams with 12" King Coilovers.
Limit Straps and rubber bumps.
Mile Market hubs. 4x4 works perfect.
Front Bumper is 'custom'.
It has 2 x Baja Designs XL80s. These are wired up to the factory Fog Lamp Switch/wiring.

Rear end:
Custom Bedcage
18" King Smooth Bodies
Giant 64 kit
Stock 8.8 with limited slip.
2 Spare tires/wheels
Mounted Jack
Cutlass designs rear light mount
3 x Baja Designs S2s (Reverse, Brake, Amber)
Custom Fuel Tank hatch door (so you can replace fuel pumps easily)

Camping, Interior and other stuff:
Go Fast Camper's Superlight.
Custom bed rack.
Kenwood Race Radio and Magnetic roof mount.
Kid's seat mount (for infent to toddler. Sits in the middle of the rear.
Has Full factory interior plus jump seats.
Upgraded the stock carpet for the nicer rubber carpet from a 2004 Ford Ranger Edge.
6 x Method Race wheel (double standards)
6 x (4 have about 2,000 miles) Goodyear Duratarcs 33x10.5x15" tires.