Tools, parts and tricks


Feb 15, 2023
I wanted to start a threat for Tools, Parts and trick stuff you carry on your rig to help you and your friends with break downs. I wanted to share some of mine and I hope to get ideas from others

-small inverter and power tool charger hard wired into the truck behind the driver seat so I don’t have to carry as many batteries on long trips

-crescent wrench mounted next to the driver seat so I can easily grab it and fix small rattles or leaks without getting to a tool bag

-my own custom owners manuals, started a little write up in garage chat about them.
X2 on the inverter/charger! Good thinking I'm ripping off that idea hahah
Do it man! It’s been great! Never have to worry about if I have enough batteries. Even slows me to use a Makita battery powered lantern and then boom it charges while I drive
We have an inverter for power tool charging and to plug in a flood led light for late night fixes or setting up camp.
I like the vacuum sealing parts idea