What to pack? Tips-tricks


Apr 4, 2022
What do you bring on trips?

what I pack on most trips in the Mouse...


In the Bed

2 spares
2 batteries
Recovery gear( tow strap or 2, a d-ring or 2 is pretty key, Winch Controler,
Jack that works!
Block of Wood for said jack. ( key in the sand)
Full size Shovel ( come on if you have to dig. you really want to be using a builder bob shovel)
Spare DriveShaft
Trasharoo ( pack out more than you packed in)
Water jerry 5 Gallons emergency water ( raditor or drinking)
2 other 1 gallon Jugs drinking water ( I drink out of or fill up gatoraid bottles and throw them back in cooler.)
Gas Jerry cans 5-10 gallons ( depending on trip)
CO2 tank( make sure its full or at least half full) Make sure you have air chuck and hose or tank is worthless( as me how i know )
Tent cot
Foam to sleep on( Stepping up to an air mattress! next trip)
Sleeping bags
Camp Chef Stove
Large propane tank
Main Cooler (generally buried)
Day Cooler Quick to grab drink or Lunch
Cooking Pelican Case
Food Pelican Case
Main tool Pelican case(make sure you have everything you need to fix your truck. If you dont have anything 18 mm on the truck dont bring the socket. and the open end wrench )
Zip Ties

Oh yea and Firewood!

In the cab.

Under driver seat in tool bag

Reg/ Insurance
Flashlights ( usually 2)
Quick tools in a wrench roll ( dykes, Flat head, Phillips, Crescent wrench, channel locks, 1/2 drive ratchet)
and a cliff bar or something
Iphone charger

Under pass seat
Winch controller
Radio Hand held mic ( incase head sets take a shit)
Passengers wallet or what ever

Behind driver seat
In a see through container:
Sockets for light bar and lug nuts.
Valve Core wraped in packing tape
Valve core removal tool
Low pressure tire gauge for 20 psi and below
Tire Plugs
Tire plug tools.
Spare hood pin
Spare seat slider pin
JB weld kit

Water bottle of Windex
Paper towels (a must with out wipers )
water bottle of power steering fluid
Bottle of brake fluid.
3 ft piece of Brake line zip tied behind tube.
Goggles/headlamp around head rest

Sweatshirt and or jacket is also stuffed in there somewhere
Camera Gear ( small back pack) Quick access

the middle you will find Olive's zone.
her bed and bag with food ect.

behind Passenger side,

First aid kit.
tows strap for quick access.
TP and wet ones
passengers bag /jacket
Duct tape
Goggles/headlamp around head rest

Ipad is mounted infront of passenger with GPs Antenna
HeadSets are wrapped around V bar

Up front in the Engine cage
Spare belts zipped to front core support
Spare started nut zipped tied to the cage.

Campchef stove for the win two burners. It's massive but I love to cook. it's pretty much the ultimate grill for camping IMO .

I like to cook for everyone when we go out. So lets me make a ton of bacon, Sausage, Ham, Potatoes, eggs, pancakes, and Coffee in the AM. I've made carne asada,Burgers, Brats, Pasta , Soup . etc





Coleman stove is solid cause its way more compact. This thing had better burners than my kitchen at home lol

This BBQ wise a few of us Note book grill is pretty epic also 20 bucks at sears. Tri tip, Asada, Chicken, brats, you name it we have probably burned the shit out of it on this thing... yea but you have to bring charcoal.what if we run out or forget it or lighter fluid.... GTFO hot coals outta fire and bobs your uncle.



I was using Igloo max cold for that past 7 years.... Finally Decided I was over ice lasting a day. Dropped some cash on the Tan Pelican cooler 35 Qt so far love it...last few trips it has held ice for 2 days after I'm home. What I like even more than the ice holding is the tie downs on this thing... you can have it tied down and still open the lid with the latches. no need to dick around with undoing 2 straps to get a Dr pepper any more.



Storage for Equipment? Thought you'd never ask.
Pelican Cases FTW..from RC cars to dead hookers
Tool, Cooking stuff, Food are normally the 3 I pack every single trip.
The big ass one I have put my 5th scale RC in before...


Packed like a tuna can...

Has never been so fun


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Sep 6, 2022
I'm super minimalistic, so I tend to not pack very much. But... a few tips and tricks I've learned over the years that are tried and true in my book and worked for me across the country multiple times are as follows...

A solid duffel bag for fresh clothes, layers, phone chargers, power bank, hygiene kit, medicine, etc. is key. That and Sterilite containers work great for everything else and cost like $20 a pop. They come in plenty of different sizes and stack together well. Still haven't found a need to go crazy with overland style organization. Then again, they typically live inside of my vehicle too so there's that.


Another one of my favorite things to bring along is my jetboil. I don't really recommend dehydrated meals too often as they're packed with sodium since they're meant to be a backpacking replenishment meal, but they're great in a pinch and use very little water. They just take up a tiny amount of space and it's usually my go to method for quick trips that I don't really feel like packing a lot for.


For water I use one of these guys. I've found 2 gallons is enough to last me for a few days at a time and not have to worry about conserving too much. That includes brushing my teeth, cooking, dishes, washing my hair, and filling my drinking water. Worst case scenario, I always recommend keeping water purification on you. I've personally found the Katadyn BeFree filter bottle thingy ma bob is the most convenient and versatile for the job.



I'm sure everyone has their staple items figured out such as a tow rope, shovel, flashlight, etc. etc. so I'll leave out all that stuff. Another personal tip of mine, and personally one of my favorites, is I like to stop and grab fast food for the night of and the following morning or day. Like Del Taco or a couple McDouble's. Sure they don't have the greatest shelf life, but when you're hungry and out in the middle of nowhere and don't want to cook, you're set.

Crack your eggs before hand and throw 'em in a washed out Gatorade bottle or something.

For dogs tie a line from two trees and clip their leash onto that so they can walk around without getting tied up on chairs, etc.

Headlamps look dorky, but I'd take a headlamp over a flashlight any day.

For extended trips, truck stops almost always have showers for ~$10-15 and make you feel a million times better and ready to go all over again. They usually provide towels, have an outlet in there, a private shitter, and at least one form of soap pump at your disposal. And, no, they're nothing near as disgusting as the public restrooms are. I recommend Pilot truck stops.

I'm sure I could think of a million other things, but that's all I've got off the top of my head right now.


Apr 1, 2022
I drive a Toyota so nothing….Lol

Basic tools, impact and big breaker bar for wheel studs, basic stuff like belts, u joints, a couple special tools like big sockets for the hubs and flanges for the diffs. Fluids. Pretty minimalistic. Still have the factory Toyota jack so I just carry that and a block of wood. If I’m going out for a trip that’s going to be over 100 miles of dirt or an overnight I pack more stuff a camp stove with a propane tank, ice chest with a bunch of food and water. It’s pretty dependent on what we’re doing and where we’re going. Have a duffel bag full of tools and parts for big trips or a basic tool toll for local stuff.


Apr 4, 2022
after making this thread... the other day kinda lit a fire for me to clean out my shit box.

Amazing how much shit collects after a few trips. Especially now that I flat tow this pile out mostly.


Funnel for dumping gas can and also Super Siphon kicks ass so I can leave the jerry can strapped in and refill tank.


This laminated radio channel list has been pretty money over the years.


Mar 30, 2022
Not anything I've carried but I always planned to make an excel sheet of what I carry and where it goes. That way I can have it on my tablet or my phone and search for the little things like a starter solenoid, relays or hiems.

For me a lot of those items get put in the truck and not used for years and then I forget I even have them in the truck all together... so if I have a sheet that I can search to see if I have it would be best. Also would stop me from searching the garage for an hour when it's been in the truck the whole time.


Apr 13, 2022
I’ll usually bring flags on busy holiday weekends because of the crazy rzr owners and stuff.