What to pack? Tips-tricks

More info on this coilover air shock setup?
it’s pretty straight forward. Instead of a standard coil-over, this car uses FOX air shock coil-overs. Air (Nitrogen) pressure can be adjusted according to load. Pretty much like an old school air shock… add more weight = add more air.

EDIT: One of the guys from FOX stopped at out booth in Baja and was looking under the Bronco… he commented on how, “FOX used to have a part number for those!”, referring to the air shock coil-overs. I didn’t realize they aren’t made any more. this car was built quite a while ago… funny to think some of the parts are vintage! Ha!
The filler neck in my fuel tank is cracked so I have to replace the tank soon, I have been thinking about adding a extra pickup in the sending unit for a redundant external fuel pump that I can plumb in. Keep it simple, couple valves and a pigtail to plug in to the existing fuel pump wiring and back on the trail.
We have a redundant fuel pump in the tank in the Bronco. To change from one pump to the other is about 30 seconds of work. Turn two valves, swap the electrical connector and you’re back up and running… it’s a great, simple system... reminds me, I should switch pumps as I haven’t done that in white a while
how many of you guys need to re-set your preload when fully loaded? i need to add about 2.5" of pre load in the rear and for a long baja trip, i will take some out of the front.

if i dont do this, i always come back with some gnarly rock hits. last baja trip i was enjoying the ocean view while pounding up a hill and smash one of my beams on a rock. big dimple. just glad it did not bend the beam or rip a hole.
i need 37"
i use to have to do this when my rig sat lower, otherwise i was hitting rear bumps all the time. since then, ive raised the rigs overall height 2-3" and i keep 80% of what i carry for trips in the rig all the time. if i know im going on a trip that im planning on hammering the rig and bringing camping shit, ill throw .5" or 1" in the preload to get me back up to height, otherwise i dont ever touch it.
The San Felipe 250 is a few weeks away, which means it‘s time to go through Wilson’s gear.

I use spreadsheet checklist… print and check off before just about any trip that’s more than a couple hours away. Lists are sorted by Front Runner box and some boxes that contain smaller containers or bags have multiple lists. The core lists are pretty solid but something usually changes every trip as I find I need or don’t need something.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it before, but I usually only pack things that can serve multiple uses unless it’s something critical.

Not shown here are a few soft bags I keep tucked on either side of the bench seat… will post more soon if anyone is interested


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I wish my packing game was a little more organzied but... such as my life. It's not. I usually end up bringing everything I need and a lot of things I don't.

Jam packed in the back of the Subaru

-Full size spare
-Jumper cables
-1/2'' impact
-Tow strap x2
-misc shackles/clevises/tie downs
-misc hardware/nuts/bolts/hose clamps/hoses
-Power steering fluid
-Brake fluid
-Motor earl
-Gear earl
-Air compressor
-Tools, lots but never enough
-Paper maps
-Blue shop towels
-Tire plug kit

-First aid kit

Might be more I cannot remember off the top of my head...But enough to have a good time!
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Glad you posted this on IG. Way more people need to understand the importance of preparedness when it comes to being out in the middle of nowhere in your truck with your buddies. Also how important it is to become competent with tools and surround yourself with others who are as well.

To any n00bs or even OGs reading this that might have forgotten, if you go out without tools, small parts/trail fix parts, food and water, you might die. You’re responsible for your own safety and well being. Act accordingly.
Since this is kind of on topic and I'm in the market:
What kind of ground tents are you guys liking?

Instant/easy setup is a perk for me, I hate pitching tents, but not a requirement.

The Coleman looks rugged and simple but may be hot and may not fold out the best.
Amazon product

I was also recommended the Gazelle T3X. Looks nice and well thought out, but expensive.

$300 would be the top of my price range, preferably closer to the $200 mark.