Stock width g1 raptor

Okay I have the rear bump mount pretty much designed in my head. I just received all of my frame overlays to build off of from SCS. Guess the bed is going to have to come off 🙄 🙃.

Stand by for semi sketchy welds!
I had to modify the design slightly because I assumed that the frames where parallel, which they are not. They kind of point inboard after the bed starts, not too big of a deal I got the locations of the bump stops done, with the extra up travel I am sitting at about 20.5" of travel in the rear. Ones the white tip bumpers go into the bump stops it will be -.5" and then -1" with straps it should be 19". We will see!


Starting the bump stop build:


The odd bend in the leaf is from from pressure from some of the lower springs because I did not have enough spacers to build the cycle stack to the right height with out them.

Sweet. So now that my bumps and shocks are all located I can do some reinforcements and hopefully push this back together soon!.
You have some great ideas on upgrading a Raptor and keeping it from being a pain in the ass fiberglass truck. I'm probably going to copy some when I find the right G1 unless you wanna just sell me some parts.
Thank you!, I will end up installing front fenders but OEM width, I just can't clear the inner parts of the stock ones.
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Did you cycle that with one side bumped and the other drooped with the tires on?
Did you cycle that with one side bumped and the other drooped with the tires on?

I did try to flex it out, and I believe it can have tire contact with the amount of flex I could achieve with the single leaf.

However, it has to be in a weird zone where it's off the bump and also fully flexed. This is all with the sigle leaf, I decided that it would be okay with the full leaf pack based off of the kit I have had on the truck since 2020 with no issues contacting the tire and sticking out slightly more.

I got these little double zip tabs made when I wired up my rzr and I find them quite useful. 20240203_105038.jpg

They are designed for Tyrap narrow or medium fine adjustment zip ties.

And as I broke all the plastic clips for the harness pulling it out to weld I put these in place:
Wheel speed sensor around bump plate:

I Attached the .dxf if anyone wants some, you can get about 60 for 35.00 at scs.


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Spare tire is going to be in the stock location, the only benefit of me not keeping it there is ground clearance or if I want a different diff cover. But the bed space and low cg are making me keep it there.
(+)1 project, redo exhaust.


My buddy came over and helped me get the bed on then we had to finish the shock mout and take some droop out pictures 📸 i

I got these new bed nuts, too bad ford didn't machine freaking threads in them.

Lower tabs for the rack set:


Numbers for the back:

Actual Shock travel: 17.5"

Metal to metal suspension travel: 20.5"

Metal to metal Ride hight up travel: 8" shock, 9.36" suspension

Shock Motion 1.17:1
Looks great as always man. Are you interested in selling your old bump kit?
I'm down, would 200 work? I did have to cut one bolt head off as the threads are still stuck in the nut plate so you would have to replace that hardware. DM me.
Okay finally got the brake lines and installed.
I ordered them from crown performance in Vista.

I had to shim the axle due to the extra long shackles, used so.e 2.5° shims from spc, I think I will be okay.
After that I was finally able to start torqueing everything in the back.
Now I am going to work on my aux fuel tank install and brackets for the resivors.


Also the new head lines and tail lights!