My old K5


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Sep 7, 2023
Mohave Valley
Hi, you may know be from other forums since I've been around since before they were invented. If you don't, I have a short attention span and I try to do things I'm not good at without success often.

Here is my old K5. Currently getting rewired and LS/4L80 swapped. Built by Mark Newhan in the 90s.

If your local to Mohave Valley, I'm happy to pay for help with money, beer, or use of my tools.


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More random photos. I work too much but I'm hoping to have it back together in the next few months.


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In to watch this. Lots of potential. Mark builds great stuff. Rams town is running around Michigan now and it works amazing.
Hope this one fairs better than the f100 did.😘

I love the anti rust protection for the bypasses. Are those og kusters?
Did some work the last few days. New windshield, cut old shifter mount and seat mounts off, made new seat mounts for PRPs, fixed the column with new turn signal switch and ignition switch, filled the firewall wiring passthru hole, welded studs for the new fuse box mount, and started welding up a bunch of core support stuff.




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Did a little bit of work yesterday and started the new dash. I used a sheet of 5052-H32 .063 and made a piece for between the bars and windshield to attach with the original dzus tabs, then built a dash top to attach to it. It's folded over on the front 1" and then also has a 1" flange for attaching the dash panel itself to. I used a shrinker to give it a little arch to follow the lines of the windshield and not look like a locker door so much.


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Been working like a dog and haven't had much time to put toward this.

I did start ordering all the stuff for the dash and drawing it in Solidworks. The fact a center console would block access to the back seat has made the dash layout busy and cluttered.

Double din Atoto headunit.
PCI Intercom
Glove box
Modified GMT800 cluster
AC vents
Window switches
Vertex radio
AC controls
Switches for wiper motor, wiper pump, aux lights, siren, pumper, headlights, power mirrors, power outlets, ect.
I'm not done. I still need to fillet some stuff and figure out an opening for the headlight switch. Also, defining really needed as I'll be the only one to ever see it and I just export to dxf so I can cut it on my table.

Just giving you shit, but master sketches make changes a hell of a lot easier down the road. Do your fillets as a feature once the sketch is sheet metal .
Just giving you shit, but master sketches make changes a hell of a lot easier down the road. Do your fillets as a feature once the sketch is sheet metal .

I'm lazy. I just convert 3d to 2d in my head for simple stuff and draw it quickly. I messed with the sheet metal tools a few times for flattening stuff and unless it's a complicated design or I'm too lazy to figure out the geometry I tend to skip it.

Solidworks for the dash is mostly to save time cutting all the holes for the components and it saves time on making edges nice. I spent my whole life making panels by hand with a marker and a tape measure. Drawing everything in cad and then suffering thru making the real life version work seems inefficient unless I needed mass production of this.

After the front panel is made and fitted I will make the side fillers. Then I will make a few mounts to attach to the cage to support it. Eventually some seams will get welded and ground for a nicer look. Not sure if I'll powder coat it yet. All of this may change due to me not liking it or ADD. Lol.