92 Ranger rebuild

Yeah it worked pretty good. An internship with sway a way in college helped learn about shock tuning. Before it had a 383 SBC and now this built 6.0l LS it's even faster.

Well finished up redoing the rear c pillar tubes. Now to get rearend under, set at ride height that build upper links so I can position it at full bump to start laying the back half tubes out.

Looking good. What’s the fuel cell plan for it?
Jaz Jeep speed cell. Going against the cab and the entire rear under the dual spares will be a big storage box for all tools and everything just like I had on my double cab Tacoma.
I'm so torn with my rear end setup. I love how it handles with the tank behind the axle, but it limits space so much. I have my cooler at the front of the bed (a huge Rtic), which could easily be built into a larger storage area, but then I don't have a spot for my cooler lol. Cooler at the front of the bed is really useful for keeping the food alive lol
My experience with trucks like we build for prelanding and caping NOT just to go full kill, is to put storage behind the axle. My Tacoma I had lots of weight that didn't change behind the axle, fluids, tools, jack, spare, spare parts etc was easily 400lbs. Cell behind axle changes weight as it is used. We aren't using the trucks to the extremes where shocks get so hot valving fades a noticable amount that the lighter rear weight benefits. Now I'm building my Ford with cell behind axle because it's just a go fast toy not my camping prelander rig.
Started laying out the backhalf but got busy working on my other trucks and in my junkyard helping a couple customers remove axles and bigger items.

Tacked the vertical on axle at desired degree angle to match the bump stops angle. Laid out the rear bottom bumper tube and got that bottom bumper tube squared and leveled up.

Stupid question, but does the lower frame rail tube go below the upper link? Or is it the angle that makes it look that way.
Well to get the upper backhalf tube below window to hit the existing W in back of the cab the fuel cell is going to need a full cradle that bolts it in from the bottom. So next week I'll get some 3/4" tubing and some 12 ga plate to make that. Waiting on sway bar bushings to set that position and do the rear bottom of the trunk and backhalf. Fuel cell is also flush with back of the cab and on some 2x4s since I thought about having it slide in from the side but that isn't gonna work with proper tube layout and no dead tubes.

Basically to do the backhalf how I would've liked to do would've required redoing the entire C pillar back diagonals etc and just isn't in the cards, or budget, to do all that so a few minor compromises are made to get this done. It won't affect how it works or strength in any significant way just aesthetically it's not perfect in my eyes. But done and in the desert is what matters not having a never ending projects because you want every square inch of the truck done perfectly.
Forgot to take photos but got some tubes and flanges on the truck for the fuel cell cradle. Going to cut some plates to keep the cell from sliding at all and make it secure. Friend also provided me a sway a way sway bar with arms BUT didn't have bushings or retaining washers to keep the arms on. Ordered some bronze bushings off McMaster but needed the retaining washer. The sway bar arms are kicked out like 5 degrees so the retaining washer needed to be angled. Cut a piece of 3/16 plate and ran a weld on the inside edge on most of it. Than used a magnet to hold it and ameribrade disc sander to grind the appropriate angle into the back side of the washer keeping the outside face flat for the bolt and washer to hold it all tight. Then I needed to machine the inside of the washer so it would sit flat against end of the bar. Positioned the washer in my lathe and machined it down flat with a slight recess to finish them off. They will be painted upon final install with some 12 pt bolts for style points.
Progress is looking good. I've built both ways with the cell dropping out the bottom and raising out the top and was confident with the bracing.