92 Ranger rebuild


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Apr 5, 2022
Ok so back in high school after I built my first couple trucks I became friends with Allison. She got a 92 ranger roller with a cage that we were told was built by Nate from Blitzkrieg. So she had a k5 Blazer with a 383 stroker but wanted to be cool like all of us with these prerunners. So we started building this truck in her backyard behind the garage, because that's where the dad's cherry boss 302 mustang lived, so no work to be done in there. She got threat D44 end equal length beams. Mounted up the 383 and th400. I cemented in a receiver tube into ground in her backyard brought my bender over and started on the engine cage. Remember this was back in 2004/5 so standard stuff. 1-3/4 Dom cage. 2.5 Co and BP up front. Got that all wrapped up. Than started on the rear. Got a junkyard 9" from a friend who worked at junkyard. Copied Blitzkrieg rear link geometry since another friend had a ranger I installed the BMS links into because I co-drove it when we raced. So got bedcage done with the stock frame and bedcage. The truck worked good with the simple cage, v8 35s and 2.5 shocks. Also I built this truck with her in exchange for McDonald's Big Mac Monday's and BBQs. But as we grow older she graduated cal poly and got a good job and started obtaining bigger and better parts. So now it's in my shop for a rebuild to fit these bigger better parts.
I have no photos of it outside my shop but it's on my lift now getting rebuilt
Currently the truck has a built 6.0l LS and th400. She got some beefy Tig welded 55" H&M links, a dirt tech floater, sway bar saw 3.0 co and king 4.0 bp. So I'm chopping all the old link mounts to get the rearend swinging good with the new stuff. Truck also ran modified factory ranger 2 piece driveshaft but motor is moved back a lot so going to go with a beefy 1 piece driveshaft now. I was going to try and keep most of the existing bedcage BUT there's so much wrong a d things that I need to move it will be much easier and better end product if I just re backhalf the truck.

How it was when she brought it home.

The start of the rebuild. Chopping old link mounts off. Also this thing was a 3 link because Camburg said rangers had to be a 3 link and they said it had to be a 3 link or it would bind.
No pics of the mounts before I hacked them off. The b pillar tube went into the lower link mounts. So I cut that back and will miter in a tube to hit frame again Infront of the new link mount and another that will land onto link mount to gusset everything.

I think that is my buddies old truck. I remember when we went to buy it in the late 90's. I did some work on it waaay back then.
Nice. Cab cage is the same minus actually having the bottom of a pillars hit the frame. Before it was welded to plate in floor and tube on other side landed on plate but weren't in line so tubes into engine cage broke because everything flexed so much.
Well been looking trying to figure out how to incorporate all the new parts and link geometry into the old backhalf and decided it was easier and much better to start fresh. Whole rear firewall and floor up to rear seat tube is going away. Finalize link mounts, tie cage back into them and frame and than get axle positioned for full bump and start laying tube. Now I'm excited about working on this thing again.

Man I love rain gutter rangers. Excited to see what you come up with. Are you building it for her? Or you previously built it for her and now finishing it for you?
Hopefully when mine comes in you don’t tell me we have to chop and start fresh lol there’s some things I’ll point out and get your opinion on.
10000% just a friend and will always be a friend in each other's eyes nothing more. Long back story but we're not each other's type and have never been either
Also my friend when I built the truck in high school was Mike and now she's Allison, so not my type.

Back to the truck I almost got it down completely to start the rebuild. Down tubes from cage aren't welded good at all so gotta cut those and other stubs out as well. Scary stuff I never even noticed since we just sleeved into them back in high school.

So I started mocking up the upper links with some mounts I made and I didn't like how rear tubes b or c pillar were going to land so I drew and started on some new mounts. I offset them off the frame with a piece of 2" box tubing that will run vertically and allow the backhalf tubes to land on it. I offset it 2" so b pillar tube will land right on the boxes side between the bolts. C pillar will land on backhalf tube and will redo the diagonals on rear c pillar to land in same spot and make everything really solid and flow good. Then some sheet metal to seal it all up. She wants to be able to run a back window at some point so keeping the rear window frame if possible. Rear coilover mount will be close to the back window but should be behind and below it an inch or so. I liked how vital design link mounts worked out on the ranger they're doing and offsetting it allows more room and better layout for this truck. One thing I wish I would've done on my ford was offset the rear link pivots wider but I didn't and it'll work for me. From now on backhalf trucks rear link pivots will be offset to make lower links only slightly angled or straight to rear axle.

They look funky because no boxing or anything yet on them.

Ok so got the link pivots made and I designed them to fit on outside of the frame with a piece of 2" box tubing on the end that the backhalf lower frame tube will land onto. Gave me straighter lower links and better triangulation on uppers since it's a 4 link not a 3 link like I was before. Also sleeved some 2" onto the bottom of b pillar to land on the side to make them solid to frame again. Will land c pillar and some diagonals to the backhalf frame tube once that's in place.

P.S. Cutting the factory floor and removing old shit from the frame isn't fun. Do not recommend.