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Mar 11, 2023
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I'm curious to see what parts others are using on there trucks that are parts not intended for what they're being used for, or un conventional. Now days it's never been easier to build cookie cutter trucks with a credit card at Kartek. But I've always appreciated a well thought out budget truck over a unlimited baller truck. There is typically way more creativity with thought out budget builds. So what are things your using on your truck that are unconventional, or unintended uses of the thing your using and why are you using them?
I will start. I work on medical imaging equipment for a living and constantly look at old equipment being thrown away at work that I can rob stuff off of for my truck. Here are a few things I use on my truck that came off CTs and MRIs.


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from left to right in the picture above. 1. latch for a Brightspeed GE CT used as a latch on my home made camper, 2. the sides of my home made camper are made of computer cabinets off a Signa 9X GE MRI, 3. there are various pieces of steel on my truck that were taken from old GE CT rigging dollies the one pictured are my front bump stop mounts, 4. long springs off of a GE LCC MRI detachable table, used as slack tensions for my rear limit straps.
I'm certainly not the first one to do it, but I have a pair of marine cup holders in each bedside. There is nothing worse than standing around your truck with a fresh beer and the wind blows it off the bedside as you brag to your buddies about how you used to have more hair on your head than your balls.


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