New TC part for 1st gen taco, 3rd gen 4 runner, first gen tundra

Jun 10, 2022
Hey dudes I’m not sure who on here knows that I work at TC and have for the last almost 18 years, but I have been working on this project for the last just over two years. I put my blood sweat and tears into this project end it’s pretty satisfying to finally be able to talk about it. I originally just designed these for my own truck because after I had my son I realized I did not want to have a lower ball joint failure with him in the car so I got to work. I now know more about these front ends than I ever wanted to but at least it’s done. Anyhow, yes I know they are expensive but trust me they were not cheap to make. I have 30,000 miles on mine and my coworker has another 5k on his. As some of you may know I’m not exactly easy on my truck so you can guarantee that they have been tested for durability. Check them out and please help me spread the word so that people stop busting lower ball joints and totaling their trucks. Sorry for any typos this is talk texting.

This last picture is the first prototype that I did a year and a half ago that was made by hand


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Apr 13, 2022
I'm more impressed (read: jealous) that you put 30k miles on your desert truck in two years. I'll have to swing by the shop soon, I live right round the corner from TC.

I love that TC is still innovating for older platforms when everyone else has moved on to only developing parts for new trucks. I miss the days when you could build a solid desert truck for $15k, truck included. Keep it up fellas.


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May 9, 2022
Very cool guys. I bet you will sell a lot with how popular the 3rd gen 4runner is with overlanders. Just sold my 3rd gen, regrettably now that you have come out with this product.