1St GEN Tundra


Nov 14, 2023
Orangevale CA
What's up guys. I am new here but thought I would toss some pictures and info about my truck.
I bought this truck from a landscape company with a blown motor. It was rough but the price was perfect for something I knew I would be taking apart and replacing lots of parts on.
I started with Mid travel TC uppers and Icon C/Os up front and then the TC shackles and Icon shocks in the rear. ENKI RPT1 wheels with 33in tires. That lasted a year then it went full MCM Fab LT front and rear with ADS C/Os and Bypasses with Air bumps. Lots more that I have done over the years and as I find old pictures I will post them.
I took my time with this build and did lots of research because this is my DD and my Tow rig, so it has to drive nice and still be stable with my 24ft travel trailer behind it.
Pictures posted from 2020/2023. I bought the truck July 2019. FB_IMG_1700024851805.jpgFB_IMG_1700024863999.jpgFB_IMG_1700024851805.jpgFB_IMG_1700024863999.jpgFB_IMG_1700024896580.jpgFB_IMG_1700024909820.jpgFB_IMG_1700024924719.jpgFB_IMG_1700024949826.jpgFB_IMG_1700024969770.jpgFB_IMG_1700025011267.jpgFB_IMG_1700025028277.jpgFB_IMG_1700025055011.jpgFB_IMG_1700025088664.jpgFB_IMG_1700025095766.jpgFB_IMG_1700025116935.jpg20231026_142046.jpg
Just did about 300 Off road miles with 250 or so freeway travel miles this last weekend. 20231124_080259.jpg20231124_121633.jpg20231124_121257.jpg20231124_124825.jpg20231124_125018.jpg20231124_125843.jpg20231124_133351.jpg20231124_133428.jpg20231124_140843.jpg20231124_141852.jpg20231124_141913.jpg20231124_141955.jpg20231124_164633.jpg


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After that last trip it is time for a shock refresh. So removing the shocks and dropping them off to Liberty Mountain Fab. Phil does amazing work. While everything is off I decided to cut up my wheel wells and make room for 37s in the future. I had to finally remove my windshield washer and move some headlight bracket supports on the front, had to cut and trim weld and seal the rear side of the well. And do some hammering on the sheet metal on the top inner fender. 20231130_140140.jpg20231127_141200.jpg
Well today I fought getting the 20 year old frame rivets out of the forward spring hangers. Got it done though and got the other spring cleaned up and painted. Hoping to cycle the suspension this weekend. 20231229_105314.jpg20231229_105321.jpg20231229_135525.jpg20231229_135530.jpg20231229_142620.jpg20231229_144923.jpg20231229_144929.jpg