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Mar 15, 2023
Sage, CA
Please enjoy some photos of past projects I worked on, cars and trucks I have built. There will be no real rhyme or reason to the order of postings, just a prolonged photo dump.

For your viewing pleasure...

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My buddy Danny had a wrx with a roll cage done by you. Maybe it’s even in one of those pics. He’s good friends with Dave Forman of the now defunct Forman Performance. Not sure if you remember those dudes but it was cool to have our street racing and Offroad backgrounds collide when the name Kyle Jackson came up in conversation many years ago at Daves shop. I first met you at the old newline shop by Disneyland when the first trophykart was finished. I wanna say it sometime around 2004 if memory serves right. One of those F150’s was in the shop but I don’t remember exactly.
Small world, no matter if it is off-road or rally. I am not exactly sure who Danny is. I have done a ton of Subaru cages. One of Formans friends? I have some pics of Formans car but have not posted those yet. I did a bunch of cool stuff for him and always wondered what happened to him.

Very cool that you came by Newline back when we were playing with the karts. Nestors was #1 and mine was #2, really wish I never sold it. My kids do not believe me when I tell them I am one of the creators of the TK's. But I have some old video of Nestor and I testing in our karts that I need to convert to digital. One day.