Hi-Desert Motorsports Builds & Shock work


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Jul 26, 2023
Yucca Valley, CA
Hey everyone! I figured I should really post more on what I have the opportunity to work on! What better place than here lol! Ill do my best to post updates on everything from time to time, but the last 6 months have been an absolute whirlwind of incredible opportunities to hone my crafts and I couldn't be more excited about it! I am always as transparent as I can be, I am FAR from the best out there, But I always tell our customers I will do my best and stand behind my work. That being said here's a few things that we have been working on this past month or two. There has been a TON of other things we have worked on that I have still yet to post, I Will hopefully get around to that in the future. If you wanna see more work check out our instagram @Hi_Desert_Motorsports!

First up is a terrible photo of something I have been wanting to design for a while for the 4th Gen SUV's No more blowing stock shock mounts apart! New plate upper shock mounts and upper arm mounts with an integrated tube gusset and bypass mount! This one will also get a crossover tube from tower to tower to help mitigate movement of the mounts!
4runner shock mount.jpg

This 5th Gen 4runner came in this past weekend for front fiberglass install, custom seat sliders (will be available soon) that allow you to mount prp seats onto your stock electric sliders, and weld on some nice DirtKing billet limit strap mounts!
4runner fiberglass.jpg4runner seat mounts prp.jpg4runner seat mounts.jpg
Our good friends @juberafab recommended us to a buddy for some shock tuning in Johnson on this SWEET home built ranger! we were able to make some solid progress before the rain came down on us and the motor began running weird. Growing pains of a new build lol.
shock tuning.jpg

Another customer brought us his shocks off his new to him 96 ford ranger for a shock rebuild, after taking care of his shocks we somehow suckered him into having us install a TE Designs cage and Giant Motorsports 64 leaf spring kit! this truck is also getting a rear shock upgrade to some 3.0 5 tube race series kings and we are going to move the rear 2.5's to the front of his threat beams! Once shes back together we will also be revalving all 3 sets of shocks and doing a tuning session on this truck to see how she can dance!
ranger cage.jpgranger leaf install.jpgranger axle perches.jpg

This next one is how I KNOW im getting old xD. I finally pulled the trigger on an idea I have had in my head since I started this endeavor into business 3+ years ago. We picked up this 2015 ford transit van to enable us to do MOBILE shock services and to make our shock tuning sessions go much more smoothly! I installed a new toolbox and made up a mount for it in the van and have already put it to work. LOVE IT! For sure going to upgrade more once I recoup from the purchase lol.
new van.jpgmobile van work.jpg
Lastly are just a few shock services we have done this week. A set of used kings a customer purchased and wanted freshened up before install! Cleaned these ole things up real good and replaced one shaft that had seen better days. we also added the raised lower spring perches to get the shock away from the steering as it was super close with the lowered perches.
king shocks before.pngking shocks after.jpg
Made this sweet stock dash mount/sandwich plate for the ranger in our shop getting caged. We ended up removing the entire AC ventilation system instead of trying to notch it to retain the stock mounting points. I think we are going to design some 3d printed parts that connect to the stock AC box and allow us to run hoses to the vents instead of the stock monstrosity that lives behind the dash usually. One thing a day.