Local Legend Dirt King Fabrication Sierra Build


Feb 27, 2023
Hey Guys! Figured Id get something started over here to document trips and progress on my new Sierra.

After 3 years of building and enjoying my Tacoma the day came where me and my family had outgrown it. As much as I loved the truck a midsize truck with a 5 foot bed was not practical for us so I decided to sell it and move onto a fullsize. Taking advantage of the outrageous truck prices during covid I posted the truck for well over what it was worth and managed to sell it for my asking price in 2-3 weeks.

From there I was on the hunt for a ultra clean Silverado, after 3 months of searching I decided to expand my search to a Sierra and was able to find this one owner crew cab exactly like I wanted (minus color but I can live with it) with only 45k miles. I began ordering parts through my work (Dirt King Fabrication), the goal was to keep a bed, at least 4 seats and all the creature comforts I would want.

Quick list of parts
Dirt King Fabrication Race Kit
King 2.5 coilover, 3.0 bypass and 2.0 bump stop package front and rear
Mazzulla hubs front
Wilwood brakes front and rear
Dirt King Fabrication full float axle with EWR 10" 3rd member
Dirt King Fabrication Ultra 4 link kit
Dirt King Fabrication Engine Cage

I had a majority of my parts within a few months minus shocks, I had originally ordered the shocks through fox and after 8 months on a 6 month lead time I switched to king and had them in 8 weeks.

From here progress pics were pretty minimal as we were building this truck after work and weekends the main focus was on getting stuff done I should have made more of an effort but here we are.

At this point the truck is done and driveable. Finished it on a Friday night and saturday went on my first trip to Ocotillo and made it with no issues, fullsize linked truck was the way to go and Im glad I made the move. Last pics of how the truck sits currently, plan is finish my electronics and have the truck caged and seats this summer


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She's so pretty!

I really did that link design. I think it's the direction I'll go if I ever link the ol' turtle truck for more 4x4 adventures!
dang, all your trucks are so freaking nice. Makes me jealous

STFU and go cry in your bitchen Kibbe' built ecoturd thats worth more than videos of me banging everyones mawmacita............
which is a fuqload

more pics of the bed and how it's all closed in and shit, from the inside!!! pwetty pweaaaaaaaaase!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you guys! The valance is actually aluminum and I had it coated in Line X. it handles really well, with a bed thats done 360 degree in Line X, 38" spare, 65 quart cooler theres a decent amount of weight back there. Putting a few more miles on it then gonn abe doing some tuning with DSM
How much do you think the Line X bed liner adds for weight?

I'll be doing the same with my truck but never really thought about the additional weight it would add.
After about a month of electrical issues Im back in business. I was leaving work one day and the truck just randomly died and would not crank over. After weeks of testing and swapping parts the PCM ended up being bad. New PCM and tune (which I needed anyway) and Im back on the road


Pulled the shocks and had Downsouth Motorsports do a revalve and the truck handles much better, hoping to get some in field tuning done in the next month or so


ALso mounted my bedsides, added some Baja Designs S2s in the rear, a 30" amber s8 in the grill and wired up and mounted my switch pro SP9100, its nice to have that all functioning again. Should have my bedsides back from the bodyshop later today


And did a weekend trip to Anza Borrego, Fish Creek, Ocotillo Wells and Plaster City with no issues