Cupholder for custom dash


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Apr 5, 2022
So I'm building my dash and center console for my Ford. I only drink soda cans or bottles of water. What's a good cup holder insert I can hole saw a hole and slip it in and have it stay out and hold my beverages well and makes them easy to get in and out still.

I see the links when on chrome on my phone. Haven't tried it on my computer. I got a couple insert cup holders from Walmart and cut some holes to install them. If they aren't nice and like I want them I can easily change my center console lid and remove them without changing the dash any.
most common is the aluminum type. i had to search a bit harder to get plastic ones. had to on-line buy a few before i got the ones i wanted. i did not want something that could break a glass container or make to much rattle noise. I even cut slits around mine and installed some rubber to keep them more stable through the rough.
Yeah I got plastic ones so no metal clanking around. I'm pretty sure the ones I got won't be great and will prob be changed so that's why I put them where it's easy to make new plate to replace them if needed.