1450 Ranger


Jun 21, 2023
After years on the OG forum and losing support and popularity, I finally switched here. I will update you as the journey continues; as for the past, here is a link to the events leading up to now.



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A couple of updates installed Lowrance Elite 9" for the Co-driver and Lowrance Hook for the driver. New PCI intercom and Leadnav setup. The plan is to race the NORRA 500 this October.


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I Really like how simple your dash is! all the right stuff and nothing extra!
Thanks, when we first built the truck, no LCD screens or Switch Pros were available. I dig the analog gauges with the switch/breaker setup. Kinda nostalgic now! It's a Fiberwerx OEM dash we had rewrapped.
What’s the Stella system with the blue/green/red buttons on the roof tube?
What’s the Stella system with the blue/green/red buttons on the roof tube?
The Stella system is used for tracking per NORRA, it has the capability to request a push to pass and the competitor will see it to pull over. It identifies speed zones, hazards, and vehicles that are broken down or in need of medical help. The sticker is a quick reference to activate any such scenario.

Pretty cool deal. I’ve never raced before and didn’t know such a thing existed.
I just got done reading the thread on the spirit of NORRA on RDC and how it’s meant for vintage trucks, then I come here and the first truck i see is a big shocked fully built race truck excited to race NORRA. Lol. At least this truck isn’t the Menzies AWD TT? good luck at the race! Have fun out there and drive safe.
Yeah, I was reading that thread also; my draw to racing NORRA is the atmosphere they represent. The rally-style race is the only logistical and feasible way to run a Baja-style race in Mexico.
Breaking the prep into 3rds and starting in the rear section, all new uniballs and rod ends for the 4 link, upgrading the rear brakes to 14" rotors and Wilwood 6 piston Aero calipers. New fuel filter, stainless steel brake lines.


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were you having issues at NORRA with the rear brakes?
Wally, no, not at all; initially, the truck had 12" rotors to fit 15" wheels. When we upgraded to 37s, we did the front brakes to 14" rotors and six-piston calipers and left the rear how it was. Now, we have time and money to upgrade the back to match the front.