Whatsup fellow gamers

May 16, 2024
Well I finally made my way over here from dezertrangers. After lurking on that forum for the past 5 years, I figure I better go lurk somewhere more active. My name is philip, 25 based in San Diego. recent Marine vet rah going to school full time and wrenching whenever I get a free minute.
Current build/money pit:
2001 Ranger XLT bro runner.
Biggest mods are eaton m90 supercharger and a snow performance methanol kit, and way too many smaller mods to type on here. This thing runs like shit but I have put way too much time into this to give up now. Especially after doing all of the work on it myself. Next up: install the longtravel kit that has been collecting dust for 3 years. Hope I can actually meet some of yall in the desert once I get this piece of shit truck figured out!!
I think some pictures of the engine bay are in order here

I am mentally regarded so I never take pics of my work lol. this is when I was doing the wiring for my boost gauge, wideband O2 system, and my methanol pump and switch. pump and tank are now installed right behind the washer fluid reservoir. Everything is nice and cleaned up now and I finally cleaned the engine bay.
The mod I am most proud of is probably the 25 cent EGR delete that you may be able to spot.
Once I just recoat my JBA headers, engine-bay work will be DONE
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