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Nov 10, 2023
Whats up! Been looking at this forum for couple months. I went to a couple DR meets back in the day with a buddy in his truck and took mine to some clean dezert events also. Ive been working in the industry for a while now and usually work on this thing in my off time. Moving to Winchester by the end of the year, but from Vista originally.
Bought my ranger brand new off the lot in 2010 to replace the 1996 Mercury Sable my grandma gave me for my first car (what a panty dropping hot rod that was).

Truck had probably 5000 miles on it when it got the first upgrades. Camburg 6.0 front end and some 33" BFGs. Drove it like that for years with some minor upgrades along the way. Worked at Baja Designs during that period, so like all the employees back then, I had the power of the sun at my fingertips. SRD did a R&D bumper for me and as of now, that remains the only thing on the truck that I did not do.

Went to school at UTI in rancho cucamonga and convinced Brandon at BTF to let me "work" for him in exhange for parts while I was going to school. Cant even begin to explain how much he has helped me since those days, especially since now the truck is full of his parts.

As it sits now, its got the BTF race kit with D44 hubs and King 2.5x10 coils on the front, sitting at 89" wide. Rear end is his old school Ranger cantilever kit with F31's and King 2.5x10 double bypasses. I think its strapped at 17" front and unstrapped 16" in the rear. I have some 2.0 hyrdo bumps for the front and im gonna bump and strap the rear after the move to Winchester.

Rear axle is a full size brocno 8.8 i got from Hollander motorsports and Paul from Oceanside Driveline helped me big time and put in a Eaton TruTrac w/ 4.88 gears. Put that in the truck in my parents driveway, dragging my welder out over flagstone everyday (no garage) during the covid.

ABS is gone, only thing Ranger left of the brakes is the master cylinder. Expedition front calipers with Brandon's kit and Monte Carlo rear calipers for a Bronco Graveyard disk brake conversion kit (no parking brake).

35" tires, my original Baja Designs 20" stealth bar and (2) squadrons that i put together when i worked there. 7" lowrance. prp recliners (since my truck doesnt have the rear opening doors), Fiberwerx 6" glass (painting those at the new house). One piece original driveshaft still, with the BTF gas tank crossmember that allows clearance at full droop. Flipped the shackle hanger w/ stock shackles.

Truck isnt anywhere close to being done, but it gets my wife, our golden retriver and me around just fine for now. Looking into caging it after the season, either myself or use the TE designs cab cage and do the bed myself. Definatley needs some shock tuning but so far so good!
Hopefully we will see someone from here at some of the future desert meet ups or around town. Always have tools in the truck, so if you happen to see me and need something, done hesitate to flag us down!


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