The BRONKY (1994 Bronco)


Jan 3, 2024
Never made a build thread for my ranger (R.I.P. dezertrangers) so going to make one for my 1994 Ford Bronco. It seems like having a go-fast prerunner and a 4x4 rig is becoming more popular so got to document that I was ahead of the trend ;)

Picked this Bronco up in October 2022 from Las Vegas and drove it back home to Southern California with my dad and girlfriend. 136,000 original miles, 351W, E4OD, electronic 4x4, auto hubs (they lasted a month). Mint truck overall that was ready to get molested :cool:

First big trip in the Bronky was an 800 or 900 mile road trip from San Diego to Monterey (stayed at pebble beach), then heading east to spend some time in Yosemite. This was the trip were Ford ingenuity really shined and the auto locking hubs failed. Luckily it was at the end of this trail and didnt affect our ability to drive home.
Got back home and ordered some manual locking hubs from warn (I cheaped out and didnt buy the premium ones which i am now regretting and will probably do). Install was the first of many (MANY) times disassembling the hubs, luckily its a breeze to do now.
Took the Bronky out to P-mountain, my local testing grounds for anything and everything 4x4. Beautifully flexed out with stock suspension and 28" Ling Long tires.
HAMMMERRRR TOWN BABYYYY!!! First time at KOH and everything was tits. Got stuck once (by the dunes, i was in 2wd) but aside from that bronky took us everywhere we needed to. The 28" Ling Longs and stock suspension was surprisingly great, NEEDED BIG TIREZZZ.


Got the chance to talk to some guy with this cool single cab sheep. Single cabs fuck.
Did alot of little stuff, but honestly i am too lazy to write it all out. I told myself when i got the bronky that i was going to wait until my ling long tires died before i got new tires. For that reason, i shall upload more camping/offroad trips.

SF250 2023; Beached camp, awesome time

Big bear embracing freedom with Riley

Ramona offroading

Baja 500, taco time is always a good time
Pretty much up to date now, got another alcoa for the spare (non matching spares are a sin). Flipped and drilled new holes in the tire mount to avoid paying $150 for an aftermarket “solution”


Built this little mounting plate for the stock bumper to run these chinese designs pods that do the job. ( Side rant, 90% of the people who buy baja designs dont go fast enough to benefit from it, but not my money so waste it however you want)

IMG_0532 2.JPG

Joshua tree, lucerne, Big bear trip
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This brings us up to speed to present day, might have missed a thing or here there but ill add to it if i remember. Got started on a center console today for a much needed gated shifter, good cup holders, and other misc. trinkets i think would be useful.
Pics during install ❌
Installed pics ✅

Summit allowed me to pay the difference in price from hubs i bought before and sent me out some premium locking hubs. I had the basic hubs which contained plastic inside and was only a quarter turn to engage. These contain no plastic and are 9/10 turn to engage.

The missing lug is for styleee

Changed direction on the center console! I didn’t really see a need for a big storage area so started from scratch and got this far today. In my head this works better so rear passengers can stretch their legs on Baja trips or any lengthy ride. In addition to this, I typically toss larger items in the back so the spare room may serve as a little area to throw some bags or a cooler in between. I still need to install the sidewinder shifter, wire aux power, and mount some things here and there before I wrap it up in some vinyl. Little strides, big dreams!IMG_1403.jpeg
Clip i was trying to upload was too large of a file, but long story short i fell into a rabbit hole trying to figure out what this metal on metal noise was when i was in 4x4 low. I assumed it was torque converter going out so used lucas trans fix (works wonders, helped trans shift smoother) but it didnt fix the issue. Some guy on facebook suggested the radiator core support was broken and the fan was hitting on the shroud....but i thought this was dumb and ignored his suggestion...

Low and behold...72781200348__7D644698-B0CC-4127-924A-FE1752D36C1F.JPG

the u-clip had broken so the core support was rattling back and forth when the chassis was under heavy load. In 4x4 low, the chassis twists significantly more which is why i only noticed this really in 4x4 low. Easy fix!