SFV Off-road next desert trip 🤘🏼


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Apr 5, 2022
Northridge, CA
Just a heads up we are planning on hosting a trip in Barstow or Johnson Valley in November. We had a great turnout last year and we plan to make it even better this year. There will be live music. Does anyone have a preference on Johnson valley or Barstow? I want to hear everyone’s opinions. Also if anyone would like to cohost or does plan on putting a booth up at the event please get in contact with us so we know who’s coming. Thank you! 🤘🏼 time to rip!

We are still working out the days so I will update the thread when we know for sure.


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JV is better for all around group trips. Can do high speed stuff to giant rock and lucerne valley. Cougar buttes for rocks isn't too far either. I'm say that's a better choice for a group setup unless everyone only has prerunners and want to deal with the huge holes and deep 2 track that most of barstow has now.
Lately I prefer JV. Lots of places make group runs to. Also has mild to wild on trails so allow for many different vehicles. Barstow is cool to just not as open and place to go see.
JV would be cool... what the plan? doing any runs?

Giant Rock? Pioneer town? Burn Canyon run is always solid.

Lasertown? the forty?

Cougar buttes @deangraen got a place out there if I remember correctly
I do have a place there. Id have to see if I can host. If not i can atleast help setup runs. I have some pretty cool spots that are fun to ride to.
I would definitely like to hold a group run or 2 and maybe another night run. I talked with Adam at clean desert and he’s trying to work with BLM right now to get a permit in Barstow. So as it stands right now we’re going to Barstow and our event will focus on the clean desert event. It will be a good time and maybe we can get a run going to hodge road to bottle tree farm and back around to slash x or we can get a big group together and take a run to jv through the dirt. No matter what it’s gonna be a good time with the @Cleandezert guys and @badlinesgoodtimes 🤘🏼