Desert Meat Club Meatfest April 16 - 18 2021 Johnson Valley


Mar 30, 2022
When: April 16-18th 2021

Where: Johnson Valley, CA Hammers.

In this general area

34.39481164365006, -116.52718494994073

Thinking just after the little wash on Barnes Rd ( the road into the lake bed.)


BFG PITS ( 153.395)


Stevygirl and I are going to cover the cost of meat and torts, onion, cilantro, Salsa, Plates, Fork, knives.

If you'd like to bring a side or sides to share. Do it.

The general game plan.....

We are planning for 55 people based off of this thread.

-Friday night.

- Saturday AM Breakfast
I'll grab a 60 pack of eggs and what ever breakfast meats the meat man brings.

We'll have camp chef grills
Bring over bacon/Sausage/ eggs

- Saturday night 6pm(ish)
Tritip and ribs
Baked beans

If you'd like to donate towards the cause we'll have a Tip jar.

Dirt Miles

Friday- No plan depending on who is there we can figure out a run or 4.

Saturday Am after Breakfast (hope for 10 am )

Haven't finalized the route but the general plan. We will post Gpx and map of route so everyone will know what they are getting into.

Camp to Giant Rock
then back through camp over to the Dune area then on to Rock Pile off Bessemer and back to camp.

What to bring:

  • Firewood
  • Beverages
  • Bacon
  • Sides dishes.
  • Your shit talking A game.
  • Firewood

What to leave at home:

  • People that suck
  • Fireworks
  • 9% beer

Last few trips

Thoughts? Suggestions?


Good times peeps... Huge thanks to @ucd baja flying down with his Briefcases of meat and manning the smokers. @sdecurti leading the run to a giant rock. Thank you to everyone who contributed with side dishes, the generous donations.

This one had a little bit of everything....some carnage. Flats, broken Utvs, Trucks. People getting stuck..Topless topped women... Smooth pick up lines, yelling and your Mom Jokes.(Thanks Jake)

I could go on...

I'll work on a write up later tonight.




Rolled out about 7 am to scoop up @ucd baja at Burbank airport. Traffic was mellow the whole way, pulled in to the airport expecting to be stopped by airport security in my breaking bad set up... and they waved me right through.

Took one look over at the curb and saw that incredible head of lettuce pushing 2 suitcases of grade A meat...


Just have look at the profile of that mullet folks... What a beauty.

For those of you that arent up to speed. The cliff notes involve Caleb aka the Meat man. Flying down with

67.2 lbs of meat in a couple of suit cases. The plan here was to pick him up at the airport and jam out the desert for the weekend meeting up with a bunch of fine desert folk and cook said meat on the 55-gallon drum smoker barrels. That was constructed for this trip by your truly


Anyways back to the meat. So Saturday we had covered with 8 tritips and 6 racks of ribs, Breakfast was also covered with chorizo, Bacon.etc. Friday was tacos so Naturally had to score another 20 lbs of taco meat

We stopped off bear valley for a few last min things. Parked in the way back of the lot, had an old-timer come see what we were all about. He slowly walks over just taking all in. His first question he had with his hand on hips, kinda points at the RV and Truck and then Calebs mullet and I "you boys Full-time ?" Caleb and I both look at each other and then back at him. Caleb starts to " yea, we work..." as I'm saying " mean live in this thing,? Oh no, we aren't together or anything I've got a wife and kids!" lifting up hand showing my wedding ring. He puts his hand up " no, No I don't need to know about any of that " haha we Caleb and I both laughed. Then he asked about the Truck and what was going on with the drums on the back. Super tempted to tell him they were rocket boosters, I refrained and told him what we were up to... We loaded up cooler and fridge


Hit the pike. Next stop Johnson valley. Well not quite had hit a bump on the 18 and had one of the compartments pop open... Pulled off and battened down the hatch and were on our way again

after we unpacked a bit the few of us there were there decided to take a little rip toward the dunes . I took a bunch of pictured in the dunes of everyone ripping around.. only to find out my memory card was in my camera bag and not in the camera.........🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡




We cruised back to camp unloaded more equipment out of the motorhome and fired up the camp chef.



Fired up the barrels for another Burn off to make sure we were ready to party Saturday. No one likes a coolant flavored tritip.

Not sure how many rounds of tacos we did but no one went hungry.
Saturday Am Slithered out of the motorhome and prepped the tritips.


only photo I got as I was installing Cowboy Candy Rub. Put them back in the cooler for safe keeping. Fired up the camp chefs and proceeded to make a breakfast feast. Bacon, sausage, chorizo, hashbrowns, eggs that went into breakfast burritos. Somehow everyone was feed and watered before 915 or so so we started to rally the troops for the run to giant rock. The goal was to leave by 10... and I think we were actually pretty close.












Jake being Jake




and then we spotted her..... 😍

jokingly yelling at Jake about it. Jake reeled her in like a big catfish. With some of the Grade A **** joke material.


We loaded up and headed back toward camp... To fire up the smokers.

We jammed back to camp for some lunch

Caleb had brought down some cheddar hot links and some standard brats... needless to say everyone was pretty stoked on them ...

After hanging out for a bit we decided to go for a quick rip before starting the smokers.. So we load up and took off across the lake bed passing Chocolate Thunder heading for the dune section that was a bit north... Eddie ended up with a flat that we had changed in 5 mins with a full pit crew and then the red Toyota pick up had his hood off was talking about it having a hissing sound... so we looked at the vacuum lines everything seemed okay then Eddie spotted the cap on the intake being broken was htting the engine cage cross member. Purple Duct tape and a zip tie... and she was as good as new. Motor mounts seemed to be okay so we carried on.

We charged up the sand section ......well most of us...haha. Brent got stuck in his tundra. We pushed him out with the help of 6 or 8 guys. Juberas got stuck and used some maxtrax. They got out pretty quick, we made it another quarter mile and the silver razor that was with us deleted a rear-wheel after Losing or shearing a control arm bolt. . A few of the guys hung back and helped pull the wheel and strap it up... They ended up driving back to camp which was probably a few miles with 3 wheels and the codog sitting on the hood.
The rest of the group had headed to Backdoor trailhead hung out for a bit before jamming back to camp ....


It was the moment we had been waiting for.....
We fired the barrels up with some oak wood. Just as they were getting going there was some chatter about someone breaking out toward the lake bed. Figured we had a 30 or 40 before we had a good enough coal base going. So hopped in the truck and headed down toward the scene.

Rouse went a little too hard in the paint. He managed to shear the tabs right off the upper control arm. Going through some decent size whoops on his way back to camp. Luckily it was soft and sandy and he kept it rubber side down.



Mikey went and snagged his truck and trailer. The group of 20 or so heckled and helped get this pile on to the trailer.



Winch had a bad ground and needed a quick rewire mid recovery.







Now on the trailer, the group was already discussing the possible fixes to get this thing driveable. Back at camp Caleb and Greg had already handled the hanging of the meats



Over at the trailer it was full scale trail repair. Mikey from The Fab Lab had everything in his work truck. Welder, grinder, plate to make new tabs.


Scope that stand.... haaaa OSHA is this okay ?




Christening the new tabs with a little Coors Light


Meanwhile at the barrels....