Mojave Road March 23-26 2023

Time to play catch up!

So on Thursday it was decided at work that I needed to come in on Friday so I was going to miss out on the big Friday adventure. All good & sometimes you gotta pay to play. It was kind of a blessing in disguise because I had a few things to sort on last min.

First was the fact that my lights stopped working. Flashers worked & running lights but no headlights or brights. Pull the plug apart to find a loose wire. The brown wire on the bottom left just wasn't seating 100% and after a few hundred dirt miles it had fully come loose. Took an hour to find but easy fix after that.


The second issue was my tent. San Diego was hit hard with rain like most of California. I hadn't opened this thing at all but water seems to have seeped in. I pulled everything out, cleaned up a little mold and let her dry out.


Billy was my co-dawg and I let him know i'd be picking him up around 5:30. We also had a last min stop to make in Apple Valley to drop off a tire for a race guys planning his race weekend last min... If you weren't aware, tires and wheels are the last thing to get prepped on race cars as they are the last items to be put back on the car.


Picked up Sir William and I proceeded to sit in traffic. Dropped on said tire and then back in route. Billy and I were meeting the dudes at Caruthers Canyon.

Neither Billy or I had done any planning for this so we 'prepped' along the way. @Motiracer38 had done the route planning for the trip so during our 3+ hour drive Billy and I were downloading the offline maps and routes. I had recently gotten a new phone so I was also downloading old GPS apps to my phone. I ended up using the OnX app. I was super impressed with how fast it downloaded maps.

Made it to Baker for our last gas stop. Billy and I decided to try and find some firewood incase we weren't able to find their camp. We were directed to a 1 footed dude near the apartments... yes they have apartments in Baker. $30 bucks later we were set to get off of the highway.


Finally got off of the highway at Nipton Rd and hit dirt around 11pm. Stopped for piss/beer break and proceeded to try and find camp. Both Billy and I were battling it out over 'no this way'. Following our trusty GPS on our phones we found some roads that had fresh tire tracks. We were not in Caruthers Canyon. We passed the first camp full over super overlanders with their own porta potty setups. Second camp was the Official BLGT camp.

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Day 2:

We all woke up to no one having an organized way to cook breakfast. Where was @dwphoto when you need him... We all enjoyed a little camp fire with a view until it was time to pack up and head out.


Camp broke down quick and I was all packed up. The running joke was that @SByota was running on fumes and we'd have to tow him to Laughlin. I had an extra 8 gallons of gas with me so I was like... 'should we just fill him here up at camp vs waiting for him to run out?'. Wow solid idea I know! :ROFLMAO: Unpacked the rear of my truck and pulled out one of my two 4 gallon rotopax. 4 Gallons was enough to get him to Laughlin.


By the time we made it to the official Mojave trail @Motiracer38 had a steering issue followed by @Turboyota finding the first of many steering issues on his truck. Cracked a cold one and proceeded to talk trash on their lack of prep... I was the only Ford in the group was it was my DUTY to talk as much trash on the Toyota folks as possible.


Back on the road. Ran through the Joshua tree forest and the dirt was perfect. Very little dust from a nice breeze and the chatter bumps were almost non existent. I was following pretty far back at a leisurely pace when We hear @Turboyota having a 'funny feeling' in his trucks steering.



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