Long Overdue 01 Tundra Build Thread


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Jun 29, 2022
Corona CA
Transferring this build thread from Dezert Rangers and will be doing my updates here now. Lots of copy and pasting about to go down....

So here's the truck 2001 Tundra I bought this about 5 years ago from a buddy of Roy ODR. It didn't see to much use other then the occasional GLAMIS trip (sick bro) here and there. When i bought the truck it had a Camburg Race front end with an ODR custom upper arm to correct the anti dive toyota has on there stock suspension. this pushed the front wheels forward about 2" im told. Camburg 2" hubs and 2.5x12 coil overs and triple bypasses. Very plain jane engine cage. Interior was 100% bone stock besides 10 lbs of glamis sand. The rear end had a very "streamline" bed cage with a 3" triple bypass and Deaver Q27 spring under pack. Rear axle was already a floater from schriener with a 2" hub and 31 spline axle set up.

Got the truck home and immediately torn everything apart for a full prep that it desperatly needed. Ran the truck in that for for about 6 months maybe 5-6 desert trips then stripped out the interior to have a cab cage installed.

Bare with me on pictures as i had to get them off my instagram i did not have these old ones saved to my phone.
I had the cage done by a guy by the name of JRT fab. Now there’s a long back story of frustration and hackery by said company. Cage lay out was great but corners were cut and ultimately I had to fix a lot of major things. This left a bad taste in my mouth for paying someone to build my truck and really motivated me to start tearing into everything myself.

So after the cage was installed I made the decision I’d be building everything else on the truck from there on out.

So after a year or so with the “streamline” bed cage I was on the Mohave trail heading to rage at the river when the rear portion of the frame behind the bump stop left the chat. See pics for trail fix. Made it all the way to Laughlin this way.



Once I got it home I tore I’d down and cut off the stock bed straitened the frame and built a stronger bed cage with a lot more lacing. Ran this set up for years with zero issues.


Few more pictures of the truck with the leaf spring set up that I ran for 2 years or so.



Ok enough of these insta screen shots haha
First trip out with the new link set up. I believe this was the powder puff race in Barstow in 2019. Truck did good out of the box but Iv since done quite of bit of shock tuning.





Last picture is the ranger my wife was co driving in. They got 2nd haha.
Decided I’d had enough with rebuilding schreiner hubs and leaky hub seals and built a bigger better rear end.

New rear end: Ruff stuff housing with jamar 2.5” hubs and 40 spline drive plates. 9” center section with 5:43 gears. After I trussed and tabbed the rear end I had the snouts welded in a housing tru’d by Burelson Design from recommendation by FastNU or however you spell it.



Once the axle was done I flipped the truck around in the garage to do a freshen up on the engine cage. Added some structure to the engine cage the truck already had. Mounted up a new radiator and mounted a new to me UMP filter. Not real happy with the tube lay out as of now it ended up being a rushed job to have it done by the thanksgiving trip.

The tubes that come out of the fire wall were done by the guy that caged the truck and Iv never liked them. Nor do they add much if any structure.

It will all end up getting cut off and redone from scratch in the future. For now it’s held up just fine.