Could use a little help.

May 5, 2022
In a pickle. Found out a few days ago my engine lost compression on cylinder 4,7. I have been trying to sell the truck but now I can't in this state in good faith. I found a bunch of junkyard engines that all "came out of a running truck." I see online a good review rebuild kit bit I don't have the tools minus wrenches and such to do it at my house. I'm located in long beach so if anyone knows someone I can take it to for a rebuild or know of a cheap engine I can have swapped in it would be really appreciated. Picture of when I replaced intake manifold gaskets and exhaust manifold gaskets. 1990 5.0
Unless you’re trying. To get top dollar for the truck you may be money ahead just selling it as is and disclosing the problems.

Or… v8 explorers are pretty cheap still. That would give you the option to test drive one and do a swap and know if the engine runs good beforehand.