93 ranger build


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Mar 10, 2023
Hey guys, new to the forum as of tonight, just thought I’d share my build of the last 3 years. Bought her as a bone stock truck back in august of 2019 and then little by little just kept dumping money into it. No matter how much you dump into it and the closer it gets done in your eyes, it’s really never done. But the idea behind this truck was simple clean, but capable and functional daily driver and I think I’ve achieved it. Still have small stuff to do but loving every little thing I have done and keep doing to improve looks and functionality.

Truck info :
93 ranger super cab, 4.0 5speed, power windows, locks etc, front suspension is running a Threat motorsports equal length d44 beam kit with bakerfabrications beam pivots and steering swingers all mounted by Daniel Bailey at coastal fabwerx, giant engine cage modified to use giants bolt on swinger mounts, running sway away 2.5x12” coilovers, bumped with 2.0x4” sway away bump stops, tranny crossmember built by coastal fabwerx as well.

Front bumper is a bakerfabrications 100% bolt on front bumper, tabbed and running 3 kc composite 70w HID lights, all mounting points integrated into factory positioned but custom core support mounts. Topped off with anthracite gray powder coat

Fiberglass is all hannemann 5” bulge glass front and rear

Kc flex era 3’s for ditch/pillar lights to look cool lol,

Rear suspension consists of deaver g50 leafs, on blitzkreig 7” shackles on giant motorsports 1-1/4 drop hangers that have been moved to very back of the frame, 90% of bedcage was built by bakerfabrications and Tommy Trego at TT motorsports did the tire carrier, Tommy also mounted the fullsize bronco 8.8 and built leaf spring perch shock mounts as well as mounted limit strap tabs and brake lines. 8.8 has a Detroit true trac with motive 4.56 gears and crush sleeve eliminator, have plans to disc brake convert it. Running sway away 2.5x16” triple bypasses. Roam adventure case with bakerfabrications mount in bed used as tool and misc storage, ammo cans used as fluid storage, also running 2, 2 gallon rotopax gas cans with axia adjustable mounts, Amazon billet battery tray with bulkhead fittings mounted in bed, harbor freight 2 ton jack on wicked creations skid and mount and handle hood pinned in bed. KC dual flexes as dust lights, as well as kc cyclones on a custom made 3rd brake light made my derik thoma out of Arizona. Bakerfabrications rear bumper

Top it off with all 5/8 studs at all 4 corners, 35x12.50x15 Kenda klever R/T tires mounted on Walker evans true beadlocks.

Interior, nothing special, some beard bucket seats mounted in factory sliders, with ammo can center console, MPI steering wheel with quick disconnect, all auxiliary lighting powered through auxbeam rgb 8 gang panel, with plans to cage in the near future.

Pics in order from bone stock to current


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