What should I be spending my money on to build my jeep


Jan 17, 2024
Gilbert Az
I'm planning on Turning my jeep into an All around desert racer kinda like a low budget ultra 4 and what should I focus on buying with my limited budget
Focus on using your jeep and having fun with it. Join local groups that do trips and learn the capabilities of your rig and learn how to use it/drive offroad. No offense, but you've been posting a ton of new threads, all basically asking the same thing and getting the same responses. Learn your truck first, build it how you want/to the class you want to potentially race, and then decide if you actually want to race, or if you can even afford to race. Each race will run you $1000+/- in entry fees, fuel, parts, prep...

To answer your question, here is how you should spend your money in order:

1. Gas for the jeep and parts to make it run well.
2. welder.
3. as much scrap metal as you can find at your local metal supplier. Common sizes for things are .120" wall tubing in 1.75" diameter (measured from the outside, make sure you are getting tube and not pipe). For sheet metal you'll want 1/8", 3/16", and maybe 1/4".
4. two 4.5" angle grinders from harbor freight. One you will have a cutoff wheel on, the other will have a flap disk. Get a good supply of both disks to keep on hand. Amazon is your friend for this.
5. Milwaukee Markzall. Skip sharpies and go straight to these.
6. PPE: Harbor freight gloves, safety glasses, and whatever flavor earbuds you like.
7. Build a rear bumper and learn how to use your tools. Start here so you can understand how much effort goes into making something simple. In a couple years you're going to hate it because your skills will progress, and it's easy enough to cut off and rebuild at that point.
8. Don't make any more threads about racing until you've made your rear bumper. Then come back and ask what to do next.
Long arm kit, 4in springs, good shocks, and enough fender trimming to fit 33s. I have all that on a WJ except for the shocks and at least Fox 2.0s would be my next upgrade. The pressed in rubber bushings on the front axle upper links have been a maintenance issue as they press themselves out frequently. there is a clip in replacement that would be better for the long term.
Thank you I do appreciate you're help and yeah I've just been kinda lost in trying to figure out what to do and I'm just trying to get as much information and help from everyone that's why I'm posting a lot of threads but for sure I'll follow that list and figure out how to make a bumper and go from there I do appreciate you taking time and helping
Honestly what Motiracer said. Get your hands on a long arm kit and some good 2.0 shocks and go boogie.

The direction my 4runner has taken now that I have a couple years of seat time in it is waayyyy different than what I thought it would go when I bought it. You’ll figure out which aspects of offroad you enjoy more as you just hit the dirt.
Save some money and just buy a complete off the shelf kit from 1 of the hundred or so name brand jeep lift companies. (rough country, rubicon, rock krawler, ect) lots of jeep speed racers use the Full Traction kit. They basically all come with every thing you need to get the suspension done. Without even needing to touch a welder!! Start with that. Use the jeep and you'll know very quickly what upgrades need to come next. My first XJ I installed a rough country long arm lift kit and absolutely beat the shit out of it, then upgraded from there.
I'm planning on Turning my jeep into an All around desert racer kinda like a low budget ultra 4 and what should I focus on buying with my limited budget

I'd look at what is working for the Jeepspeed spec class guys to get a good baseline.