Thousand Oaks Cars and Coffee takeover. April 01, 2023

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Apr 7, 2022
Cars and Coffee

Thousand Oaks has a decent cars and coffee every first and third Saturday of the month. It gets a decent turn out and even gets a handful of off-road vehicles. It would be fun to get a larger group and takeover a part of the parking lot. I would like to shoot for the one on April 1st as our trial run. Then maybe make it a monthly meet and greet and see where it takes us. They bring out some donuts and coffee but it is usually gone by 8:30.

I think it officially starts at 7 and people start leaving around 9:30-10:00. I typically get there closer to 8:30 for checking out cars but will wake up early to get a spot set up. What time do you guys think? I don't plan on doing a 16 stage paint correction or anything crazy but I might actually wash the beast before hand.

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Dang. All of the Cars and coffee's I know about are super cars. Pretty rad to see all of those 4x4s
This one is more classic and muscle than super cars. I think the Topanga and Malibu meets get more exotics. It is a good variety at this one. lots of repeats but enough new stuff to keep it fun.
Verifying the date is correct with them as their poster still has March 18. I am still down to meet up for sure.
This Saturday is confirmed. The organizer was out of town and wasn't responding and didn't have time to update the flyer.
I will put it up on IG and invite some others as well.
Fun day and perfect weather. Great meeting @the bodj and @SByota yota and seeing your rigs up close. I think Steve from KillerR Offroad attracted more attention than most of the fancy cars with his Scrambler on 47s. I think we hung around until about 10 and then went to Country Harvest for breakfast.
The minion enjoyed it. Lots of cool classics to checkout. It was pretty entertaining pulling up in a creaky, rattling, paint peeling Tacoma with white besides and Mojave road dirt all over it. A0B2C1CE-7F1C-4061-9ABD-8F7AE3D7DDD3.jpeg77A6A3DE-BEEE-4106-AADD-2CEBD4C652F2.jpegF47CE637-9CDC-43C6-A392-7E1A7B58E733.jpeg

When's the next one? Would be cool to have a big group all roll in together.
First and third Saturday puts the next on on the 15th.
sorry I missed it...hoping to make the next one.

I'll have to pop the hood on the mouse to show the classic car folks what Dust and zip ties look like. 🤡
Should I put the camp stuff back on and go in full dress. :D
As of right now, yes. I have a group going out to the bloom. If the wife wants to go we will be going there instead.