Prerunner / desert vehicle YouTube channels


Jul 27, 2023
Is there any YouTube channels for prerunner / desert vehicle builds like dirt lifestyle or even dirt head Dave’s dirt shed?

Been stuck in the house nursing an injury and been watching YouTube channels and build shows.

I know about terra crew and it’s not what I am wanting to watch really. I want to watch a vehicle build series by someone who is entertaining and atleast half way knows what they are doing.
Wingsworld (@ChristianEwing ) has a great YouTube with vehicle walk around sand multiple build series that are all bad ass

Those brothers are very articulate, knowledgeable, and interesting to watch

Appreciate you guys! Thats exactly what we strive for, while constantly learning, pushing and improving ourselves. Its hard to go back and watch anything over a year old at this point for me personally but im sure there is still some info to pick up out of those videos or atleast get a good laugh out of :ROFLMAO: Its not something I think about often, but putting everything we are doing online is a very vulnerable thing but shows the growth and knowledge we have gained in such a short couple of years as well as the personal development. Its been a journey

Here's a link to the channel
Wings World Youtube
Guess I forgot about this post because I was going to post the question again…

Been watching dirt head shed, 4xfredwilliams, big tire garage, dirt life style, peck brothers, terra crew stuff, grind hard plumbing, Matt’s off road recovery and some other stuff here and there

Curious on your thoughts on some of these channels,

*Dirthead shed - is rad watch every episode
*4xfredwilliams - good, kinda slow, not been many adventures lately not enough posting
*Big tire garage with Ian - good technical
Stuff not enough postings
*Dirtlife style - good adventures, good technical stuff good content
*Peckbrothers - just started watching them build their mini wrecker, pretty entertaining
*Terra crew stuff - not long enough, pretty repetitive style / content not interested in drift or other stuff they put out
*Grind hard - cool projects but their voices and the way they talk annoys me haha
*Matt’s off road recovery - lots of content, not much adventure stuff but fun to watch

Haven’t watched any of the recommended wings world stuff
You probably know about Kibbetech and Morgan Clarke already. Some other offroad/desert truck related channels that I'm subscribed to that haven't been mentioned are Armada Engineering, Dune Hippie, Rob RJ Fab, and Erin Flaherty had a cool old school Bronco build years ago. Non-offroad channels that are still good for fabrication are Bad Obsession Motorsports, Urchfab, and Ryan Tuerck (highly recommend the V10 Supra build).
Puddin's Fab Shop is pretty entertaining. His older videos of his garage builds on old Datsun mini trucks is funny and his budget build methods are interesting.
My son and i love watching Peck Brothers. Really good content that's actually informative and super funny. One that i let play in the garage when I'm working on shocks is Trail Recon. May be boring to some but i enjoy his content in the background when working in the garage.