Podcast Topics / Guests ideas?


Apr 4, 2022
Thousand Oaks, CA
Welp we are a few episodes in. Wanted to start a fresh thread for some topic ideas. Have been all over the map from our intro podcast to what to pack,talked about Scotty’s build, KOh with gearmonkey and King of the Canners….

What do you guys wanna hear about?

I went through that other thread real quick and pulled following.

From @Cleandezert

1. this dream you need 100k prerunner and do you really?
2. I want to knwo more about everyones backgrounds
3. i wanna hear amazing stories that come out of trips
4. I want education from industry professionals.
5. i want more stories that are always told around the campfire
6. did i mention it should be like talking shit around the campfire
7. what was your first vehicle and how bad was it, and how bad did you screw it up.
8. what were some of the worst mods you have done on a vehicle, or upgrades that failed miserably?

Some topics...

-The fight for Oceano Dunes
-DMC Grand Canyon run, from logistic planning to the final mile. The pictures are great but hearing someone talk about it may be even more intriguing.
-Trip planning, course plotting
-Trail fixes
-Dezert Meat Club
-Truck spot light
-Shop owner spot light (maybe get Mikey on to talk about the fab lab)
-Desert Racing spectating do's and dont's

KenVP @Endless Trails
What do you actually need for a day trip vs weekend trip?
What are the nice to haves but might not be needed?
How to be a good steward.
Just talking to interesting people from all sides of the outdoor scene.


1. I love the talking shit around the campfire vibe. Perpetuate and fuel that fire.
2. Billy is a fantastic idea.
3. Grassroots build pointers and discussion of how to get started building stuff and the requisite tools. Expected build(and rebuild) costs would be an interesting discussion.

Thanks dudes