Sloan Motorsports Fundraiser


Apr 4, 2022
Thousand Oaks, CA
So I created this fundraiser for one of our members @Thesloanerboner Brandon Sloan and his family.
Honestly, I hardly even know him. I started following the dude after he race, King of the Hammers "every man challenge" in his 4 runner , he drove the truck to the race. raced the race, ended up rolling, finished drove it home and then drove it to work the next day... what a legend.

Fast forward a few years I talked to him pretty often on Instagram and actually met him in person at King of the Hammers in 2023. He was as advertised a salt of the Earth human being, a dad, an off-roader, just a regular dude.

Why a Honey badger ? Well it came about at King of the hammers we were talking about his Toyota pick up which he called the Badger. I had told him that I could make him a honey badger sticker for it. Well, life had got in the way and I never did it. So this is now me making this honey badger sticker for him. Certainly not on the terms that any of us wanted to see but hopefully we it generate some amount of money for him and his two young boys.

If you can spare a few dollars to donate to him and his family. Please do so at the link below

For those that donate, We will be sending a 4“ x 4“ Sloan Motorsports honey badger sticker, a badlinesgoodtimes bumper sticker and then a medley of other stickers from participating companies, such as Clean Dezert, Loose and Lost, Yotamasters, whoopeaters, Down For Mobbing, Burn fuel Co to list a few.

Thank you,


The amount of support this is getting is pretty unreal.

Almost pushing $4000 in Donations from 85 different people on day 2

All of these people or companies have donated stickers for the Sticker packs. ( if you donated some and I missed you please hit me up and I'll add you)

@Loose and Lost
@Down For Mobbing

Thank you dudes!

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