2024? What's going down ?


Apr 4, 2022
Thousand Oaks, CA
Welp 2024 coming in hot!

For me

At the moment the current thing on the list is KOH "King of the Canners "

And the @4lowlance's Prelander extravaganza in April 10-14

I'd like to get out in the 4runner and do some 4wheeling. Big Bear, Cougar Buttes, Hammers on an off weekend. Maybe a Rubicon run?

Also would like to get another big Forum trip going like we did this year... Maybe Sand Hollow?

What you guys got on tap? Trips, Truck Upgrades, etc

Let's hear it!

Racing Vorra/legacy 1450 championship, UTV dune invasion Oregon and ID. Also upgrading from carb to EFI and building the new rear housing for 40’s
I want to go to the Parker race. Never been. Would be cool to take dirt the whole way....

All that being said; who knows. Still so much to finish with the shop.
Moab this spring for us. Would like to get down to KOH or maybe Tierra Del Sol this year, but it's all around the same timeline, so that's iffy.

I've got a goal of adding some new tires and more travel to the rear of my newly acquired Tacoma and taking it on some desert trips, but nothing set in stone.

On the nerd side of things, we will definitely be taking the kids to Axialfest for the 3rd time in a row. They love it there.

Come October I'll be up in Ashland, OR helping out with the Ashland Mountain Challenge Enduro mountain bike race.
My immediate plan is to get my truck back together and ready for some spring time trips. KOH with the Jeep is the current plan. Will be busy with the kids desert race schedule until summer where I plan to teardown for paint if I'm not battling reliability and prep for a north rim trip in the fall. Will be swapping the Jeep out for a first gen Sequoia and stock piling parts for a family crawler/ cruising in order to do more Utah wheeling.
Definitely planning/prepping for 4lowlance's Prelander trip in April. Got a handful of trailer camping trips planned. NCRR has a Raptor beach day in Pismo in July which was a good time last year with killer raffle prizes so I'll probably head to that. I still really want to do Jawbone to Lake Isabella at some time this year too.
4LowLance trip is going to probably be my first "big trip" in the Bronco.

I'm not great at planning for That's enough for me at this point in my life haha.
I’m wanting this year to be my year of fabrication.
I have a t top for a friends boat I have to weld up. My trailer needs a whole rebuild and I want to start my truck this year.
I'd like to get out in the 4runner and do some 4wheeling. Big Bear, Cougar Buttes, Hammers on an off weekend. Maybe a Rubicon run?

Im down with the rubicon run DW when you thinking?