Apr 4, 2022
Thousand Oaks, CA
Welp, @theycallmeWALLY and I have been talking about getting something going for bit.
Sooooo Let's GOOOOO!


Little test shot my old man and I did yesterday...

We've got some ideas for topics, but what are some topics you'd like to hear about?


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so awesome.


1. this dream you need 100k prerunner and do you really?
2. I want to knwo more about everyones backgrounds
3. i wanna hear amazing stories that come out of trips
4. I want education from industry professionals.
5. i want more stories that are always told around the campfire
6. did i mention it should be like talking shit around the campfire
Some history on how guys got into the scene would be cool! Alot of OG's have been around for a long time.

I like Adams comment, shit talking around the camp fire kind of vibe would be awesome! Some history on how the scene has grown, new technology etc would be sweet.
All i know is you HAVE to get Billy on the podcast at some point. That dude has so many cool/funny stories about the desert.

This is awesome, guys! Some topics...

-The fight for Oceano Dunes
-DMC Grand Canyon run, from logistic planning to the final mile. The pictures are great but hearing someone talk about it may be even more intriguing.
-Trip planning, course plotting
-Trail fixes
-Dezert Meat Club
-Truck spot light
-Shop owner spot light (maybe get Mikey on to talk about the fab lab)
-Desert Racing spectating do's and dont's

Just stuff off the top of my head...
Glad I remembered this forum is here. Finished up the truck show podcast and needed something else. I'll be looking forward to this!
not sure if you can "legally" or "whatever-ally" talk about this on a public podcast but, HOW THE FUCK DOES EVERYONE AFFORD THIS SHIT?!?!?!? "WHAT DO THEY DO FOR WORK?/how did they get that job?/does everyone live on ramen and water......... and i know everyone "says/jokes" about that but, for real?!??!?
I personally have a little welded shut jar that has a tiny little hole in the top that you can fit some cash in. so every time i get paid, i put "xxx" cash in it. then i cannot sneak a $10 or $20 out here or there when i wanna go eat bullshit food.

seems to be working good. i let it fill for a month, then i cut it open and give the money to papa to put in our big safe that i don't have the combo for.

just shit like that, does everyone do something similar? i know everyone is not good at "just saving". soooooooo........ what does everyone do?

i hope this isn't to much info on thie post. hah. whatever. smellyelliot or wallsters will delete/change it if so.

and i 69 this...........
All i know is you HAVE to get Billy on the podcast at some point. That dude has so many cool/funny stories about the desert.
There should be a minimum blood alcohol content level before the podcast kicks off for the best results. shit talking, Low budget stories, the working class of off-road. Everyone has that absolute shitbox that went through hell and created more memories than it was worth. lessons learned the hard way, etc.
So where will these be posted on YouTube Spotify?
We'll for sure be on Youtube.

Still need to figure out the whole podcast game and what's best for our viewship.

I know that with my youtube app I can turn the screen off on my phone now and still listen to the video I'm watching. And everyone having youtube access is probably our best choice to focus on.
They should be in person. Call in podcasts are not the same. I agree on the campfire feel/banter. Video option is great as well. I listen way better if I am watching vs just listening. Might be the ADD?
What do you actually need for a day trip vs weekend trip?
What are the nice to haves but might not be needed?
How to be a good steward.
Just talking to interesting people from all sides of the outdoor scene.
ALL SERIOUSNESS here now (as usual), i think it would please BOTH the VETERAN off- roaders, and help the newcomers to off-road (that are serious and really WANTING to learn tips/tricks type stuff) if you guys talked about the obvious but subtle hand-me-out type typical BLATANTALY OBVIOUS (to some/most of us at least) rules that a lot of newcomers have no idea of, they test those rules/standards then get hurt or hurt our sport as a whole.

if that makes sense. idk. maybe like a "sticky" or episode #1 is, "the basic rules episode that everyone and ur dad must watch before listening to any other episode"