Mojave trail water crossing


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Apr 6, 2022
Planning on doin the trail in two weeks with some very mild and some stock vehicles. Has anyone seen the water crossing lately? Wondering how deep it is after all this rain we’ve gotten.
We have been starting off Harvard the last 4 years to avoid the water, but I hear they fixed the crossing and it's not as deep now.
As of last season they had filled the bottom in with rock and it was either dry or very shallow every time iv seen it since
The OG crossing has been filled with 6” stones, but the crossing that parallels the trestle was 24”+ deep the last time I went thru.

I’d avoid it.
Following, also curious about any Mojave trail info
Last year the second water crossing wall got blown out by the storm and it wasn’t bad at all and the first was nothing because they filled it.