Midwestern Desert Rat


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Aug 13, 2023
Mesa, AZ
Moved to Phoenix in ‘17 with no real idea of just how awesome the desert is. Always been a gear head, off road stuff is king.

Currently in a 2004 Tahoe, working on making it a prettt capable DD , pretty simple right now, ironing out all the little gremlins. It’s a 320k mile Tahoe, my in-laws had it before I did and have a great knowledge of the maintenance, so I’ve got that going for me . Just put a new transfer case in it, getting the rear end rebuilt this week with a Detroit Locker

Bilstein 7100’s, H2 rear coils, Dirty Life bead locks, some steering stuff, built heim links

Ran in to mention of this place in a couple places and thought I should check it out, right up my alley

Welcome dude ! Looks like a perfect camping exploration rig. We are doing trip up to the cinders in flagstaff over Labor Day. Cruise up and meet some peeps.