ISO - Crew Cab Chevy - Prerunner


Sep 1, 2023
Southern Utah
I am looking to purchase a Crew Cab Chevy / GMC, willing to travel for the right truck. Budget is 70K.

I am currently stacking parts to improve on what I have, but am willing to jump ship and purchase something that is further along in the process. Save me some time is the intent. The current garage set up and situation is not great for a full blown project... So here I am..

Basic must haves:
Front rear long travel - Leafs are ok, links are desired - Major companies, dirt king, Mazzulla etc..
Front should be dual shock.. c/o and bypass
Rear can be spring over, but spring under is desired. Really would prefer links... but not mandatory
Full float rear axle, fully fabbed housing is desired, but 14 bolt can make the cut for the right price
Caged front to back - would prefer TIG welded and a decent shop, but MIG welded is acceptable
Decent drive train
Functional - Not a massive project

Do have what I am looking for? Does your buddy? Hit me up..
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Looked at this one Saturday and we wont talk about why it did not come home with me.

This would be ideal, but it was just sold.

Considered this as an intern while I build my GMC, but stock drive train and rear axle housing.. could upgrade quickly, but price would have to reflect, axle swap and engine swap can be done a lot faster and still an option for me