Crew Cab GTS build “Tamale Trolly”


Aug 30, 2023
Thousand Oaks
Welcome to this new build. Im going to try to remember to post on here. Its been about a decade since ive posted on a forum. Follow along.

Build is a 2008 Vortec Max Crew Cab Silverado
Build plans
Full cage front to back
Mazzulla Front kit
Mazzulla MSpec backhalf
60gallon fuel safe enduro
Baja Designs lights throughout
Wicked Creations rear housing and hubs
PRP seats
King 2.5/3.0 up front
King 2.5/3.5 out back
Innov8 G500
TH400 w/High stall converter
Trailer products fiberglass
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What’s up Weston, when you need exhaust for the new truck hit me up 😂2ADDCECE-4E7A-4F7F-AD52-308AE682A6DA.jpeg
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Cab cage process started this morning!

Due to the timing of when i want this build ready for testing. I went ahead and purchased the MSpec backhalf kit from Chris which will be ready next week. Which will speed the process up majorly for me. Excited to share with yall the build process. My goal is to get a few tubes laid out today, glass guy comes at 3 to remove the windshield and back window.


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Welp got some good progress today. Got the dash bar in and in position as well as the A pillar lower tubes down to the frame, modified the factory wiper system to use a single wiper for the whole windshield, utilizing the passenger side wiper i was able to change the geometry of the factory wiper system to use just the passenger side wiper for the entire windshield, other awesome news was that my PRPs shipped. So time for me to bust down on the cage and get ready for Mspec backhalf. Also changed ways on the front kit. Was talking with a buddy and got pressured into calling Chris @Mazzulla and after talking to Chris @mazzulla and convincing him to hook me up on a front kit. He said yes and luckily has one in stock. So next week when i pick up the backhalf kit ill be picking up the front kit as well as heading to king to grab my shocks.

If anyone wants to build a 07+ Silverado. I have a BMS front kit with race hubs for sale.

I also have an entire interior out of an 07+ as well as a 6” lift kit/all front suspension, the front diff and axles, and a transfer case, also a 14 bolt Semi float housing and all silverado rear suspension, fuel tank, etc.
Got some decent progress this afternoon! Stuff is taking shape. My goal is to have this thing a roller by end of next week. If all goes to plan with having the MSpec backhalf start of next week.

Thanks to Darren Parsons for the hook up on some 40s. This thing is gonna be fun.

Does any one on here have a connection with Fuel Safe? I would like to get a cell ordered for this thing asap. Also any recommendations on fueling? Im not sure if i should remove the factory fuel pump module or not and if that will cause any issues. Any feedback is helpful


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Big update. Took been trying to knock out as much as possible on the build. Spent my day in traffic on Friday picking up all the parts for the build. I got the front end, the Mspec backhalf, as far as progress, we got the roof of the cage finish welded, put back in the truck, then got the A pillars to the rails finished up, as well as the full b pillar dialed in and finished welding, cut the rails off at the back of the cab so we could half some extra room in the shop. While i get the new front kit installed, ill have one of my guys get the Mspec fram rails tack welded so we can test fit and massage them into place so we can start throwing the rear tubes. Goal is to have this thing a roller by end of the month. I hope you guys are enjoying the build thus far. If yall have questions let me know! Thanks!


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got some more major progress rolling on the “Tamale Trolly” my workers nick named the truck since it was a bit mexicano when we purchased it lol.

Dash fitted in, b pillar finalized, got the MZ front kit installed along with MZ hubs, the MZspec backhalf 85% finished up. I will be assembling the links and welding those up this coming week. Had to switch paths on the rear housing since it wont be ready near in time… so im hoping to pick up a Wicked creations rear housing and hubs next week so i can get this thing as a roller.. we got really close to the goals with only putting in minimal hours. Really nice to build a truck that will be incredibly capable for a quarter of the price they normally cost.

I have to give it up to Chris Mazzulla for design the rear backhalf to be so seamless even without a fixture like he normally sells them. I cant get over how well it went together.

The list for this thing is still huge. I need a wiring guy to come sort through the mess on this truck if any one is interested. Also someone to come plumb it since i do not have the extra time to dick around. New hardlines for brakes from master cylinder to front brakes and from master to rear brakes.

Also on the search for 2.0x2.0 bumpstops (no cans needed)

A 60 gallon enduro fuel cell from fuel safe

2.5x14” king coilovers perferable with a 90* fitting off of body

TH400 2wd transmission


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Holy shit that’s some clean work. Any reason why you didn’t connect the cab cage into the bed cage under the rear window? Going to be a bitchin’ truck for sure.
Holy shit that’s some clean work. Any reason why you didn’t connect the cab cage into the bed cage under the rear window? Going to be a bitchin’ truck for sure.
If you look very closely at the backhalf. I have not fully welded the tubes to the kicked frame rails yet. Im going to be pulling it off the frame rails to add all the tie ins to the Cage. I also need to finish up the C pillar in general so i can tie everything together.

Appreciate your kind words. Ive got a customer lined up to pretty much make a mirror of this truck once i finish this one.