Local Legend The Basik Taco


Jan 19, 2023
Got years of build thread stuff on a different forum. But would rather continue on with updates and changes of the truck on here. There's more like minded folks on here.

09 Access cab Tacoma, owned it since 2011
2nd 4.0 1GR-FE engine
Original 6 speed manual
FJ manual Transfer case with twin sticks

Front Suspension:
My own design J-arm kit roughly +6" per side
Cycles 18" with the 4wd 20" without.
King 2.5 10" coilover
Radflow 3.0 double bypass
King 2.5 2.5" bump off the upper arm
Full engine cage
My Tundra Steering Rack kit conversion
Hiemed steering etc.
Howe TC pump
Howe PS cooler
Howe pressure regulator
Remote PS filter up in the framerail under the cab
Junkyard D44 Chevy K5 blazer hubs
Yukon stub axles
Custom currie midshafts to rcv 930cvs
Warn lockouts
4:88 gears, solid pinion spacer

Rear Suspension:
Wishbone 3 link suspension strapped at 28"
55" Trailing arms
16" King 2.5 coilover 450/500 I think?
18" King 3.0 4 tube bypass
Fox 2.0 4" bumpstops
Ruffstuff axle housing with Solid Axle industries D60 hubs, Ford 9 center section 4:88 Yukon grizzly locker, 35 spline axles.

This is the Terra Crew episode on it:

I've had a lot of fun and learned soo much playin with this truck over the last decade, started out not knowing even how to weld lol.
Future plans are a motor and trans swap to a LS platform. I may convert it to Ocho 4wd beams or the homie Mitchmade beams and just delete the 4wd since I have a seperate 4wd rig now.FB_IMG_1699316751926.jpgScreenshot_20230514_001145_Instagram.jpg20230723_201345.jpg
Hey Travis, good to see your build over here.
We dm'ed a couple times on TW about one of your racks (different user name).
Hope fire season wasn't too bad this year. I flew out to San Francisco and San Jose a couple times in the Spring. Flying into Cali looking out the window, I was amazed at how much snow fell last year. At one point I couldn't see land anywhere out the window.
Anyways hope all is well!
I need to see this thing in person one of these years. So much awesome rolled up into this Tacoma!