Found this on the gramHello


Sep 19, 2022
Saw this via a dual post on Instagram with my buddy craig with the lifted towncar.

Haven't been part of a forum since I built my baja bug 6 years ago.
the samba and shoptalk

Im Travis I used to be an aerospace welder now I work at a lake.
Ive got a 71 f100 4x4 set up as a do everything rig. 14 inches of travel front and rear. 302/np435/np205
Dana 44 front dana 60 rear
rear is a sort of cantilever setup
rear locker, twinstick transfer, prp bench, sniper efi,
almost everything is custom built by me.

I also have a 14 ktm exc500
Some mountain bikes and some bmx bikes
I used to be pretty good on a bmx but i broke a femur now the plushness of a full suspension is nice

Live in the san Diego area.

currently building a fuel tank, redoing the rack/exo for more cab clearance, and underbody skids.
a build thread would be nice to do not sure if this qualifies as a pretendrunner, overlander or crawler
I drive this truck quite a bit. I daily drove it for about 2 years when it was stock. last year I did a 1500 mile road trip in and and gave up on carburetors as I went over mono grade on the 395 also gave up on the old 300 i6 it had.
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Welcome dude. Sounds like you’ll fit in just fine around here! That town car was sweet! That was me In the shitbox 4 runner haha.

You should cruise out to the clean up Oct 8 in Barstow.
Thanks for joining. I'm up in North County (valley center). The next big thing we have going on is the Clean up like elliot said. It's going to be a fun one if you haven't checked it out before.
I would love to make that barstow clean up but have a few trips planned too closely to that date to make that one.
Ill probably throw a build thread up for the truck. Im thinking prerunner section based on higher traffic/ more ideas.