Flatland prelander


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Jun 28, 2023
Here for the bad lines👊🏼
‘13 taco wit’s glass front conversion
Procharged 4.0L
Jd Fab long travel out front
Archive Garage rear shock relocation and hangers
FJ manual transfer case swap
A bunch of overlandy shit hanging on it

The Prelander conversion is beginning soon.
9” ford full floater in the que with 16” 3.0 kings out back
8” kings on order for the front.
Tubing on the rack to start on the bed cage and new front bumper.
When I upload with my phone before I “add” photos at bottom it gives option to resize photos. Then once I hit “add” I then go to thumbnail or whatever and select “insert full image” for each photo.

Hope that helps! Nice rig!!!