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Apr 13, 2022
i REAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY dont want to retype everything up or even most of or even ANY of it/copy it from my 69k page DR thread......

so, idk if Wallyboy is gonna getmad at me for doing this but ill just post a link to the first page of my DR thread, then some general pics.

im sure once i take the time to do it, ill upload a fuck load of pics/info.

any newbs that dont know me, im Jakey, kinda a big deal, i bang a lot of *****, Bodgjdjsters loves me and im his favorite, i died in 2015 - literally - and now im trying to get my pussygetting truck to be reliable enough to pass down to my minime in about 10 years. all while banging every **** i come across and dont come across.................


Number of actual ***** you've had relations with...


Welcome aboard brother.
Gordons next weekend. LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FOR SURE bringing the buggy but as of right now fucking no one is gonna go with us so were not gonna bring my shitbox.

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE DUNES ARE FUCKING DYING IN OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
only got like 9ish, maybe 10 miles under the PussyGetters belt today with no problems!!!!!!!!

that'll be the second time ive taken it out to the same spot and mashed on it for about 2 hours with no issues! plus a weekend at the dunes for new years 22'-23'!
fuck yes brooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!







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papa has brought this up before a couple times, but he did again this mornign and i thought id ask everyone on here about it/maybe start a thread about itt? not sure about that though considering almost no one on here drives buggies. hah


we want to put a windshield on the buggy. thought about maybe doing a plexiglass one but, in all reality...... i mean who drives their trucks hard offroad and ever actually SHATTERS their windshield..........? so fuck it. maybe well just build a little square tube/rebar/small round tube frame to "sandwhich" the glass in? then bolt the frame to the front a-frame part????

maybe i will start a completely separate thread since im sure most everyone skims by this thread thinking im just talkin smack about someone's mother or something............
Don't most of the buggy manufacturers that do windshields now just run a flat hot rod windshield? AKA go to a hot rod shop that can cut auto glass to your size, build a frame to sandwhich and bolt on to the buggy and you're in business.
Flat automotive safety glass window in a flat aluminum sheet cut to 1/4" oversize was the standard way for a long time. This is still a quick and cheap way to get it done or mass produce as in UTVs. They kind of suck though as the glare flashes across the whole windshield at once and is blinding when it happens. The glass also flexes through bumps which distorts your vision and dust clings to it easier. A curved windshield solves most of these problems but takes some aluminum working skills which drives up fab time and cost. Early Toyota pickup windshield are popular as they are some of the shortest and narrowest available, but still need to be cut down. Rubber gaskets are always used cause it holds it in place and you never are going to remove it anyways. Glamis dunes forum is still alive and mostly active with some good info on the topic. No idea who could fab one near you though