We started a YouTube channel a few months ago. We'll be posting more on the builds we have going on, fab stuff, machining, and our desert trips/races.

JuberaFab Youtube

i was hoping you were gonna say you guys did a video. im subscribed but i didn't get a notification! wadafuq!

nope. just saying you guys have a channel. haha
waiting on the first real build vid!
I dont spend much time on youtube, but i flew down the rabbit hole and watched a couple hours worth of @theycallmeWALLY and @Adventure Endeavor videos. Thanks for putting that stuff out there. I enjoyed it and is kinda cool to see what people are up too.
PS if you watch too much @Adventure Endeavor videos then you start ordering trailer parts which then becomes expensive. lol
Fresh new video! It's from the 2021 Baja 1000 but finally made some time to go through old stuff and create something.

I get asked a lot about our Beadgrip product. I'm a fan obviously, but here's a video with some compelling results.

I'd never suggest to run wheels that low because you'd most likely bend/break a wheel but they work at low tire pressures. I can't confirm but it is likely that he did get the product for free. regardless of the potentially free product... They worked. And I have confirmed with Dave Chappell who was on the trip with him.

It would be killer to do build series videos. While the Terra Crew build are decent and abundant, they often lack all the details I want to hear.
I have a goal to start up the youtube again this year. But before I can commit to it I just needed to get a few things done before I can commit.