Back To Back To Cali Cali (JV/Cougar Buttes/Big Bear) April 6th'ish


Sep 6, 2022
Some of you may know me, some may not.

I'm shooting to be down in Hesperia on April 6th to pick up some tires and have them mounted and I'm on zero schedule and no rush to head back home to Montana.

I'll probably arrive way earlier then necessary and I wouldn't mind sticking around that area Saturday night / Sunday or even longer. Either way, I definitely want to get out to the desert. It's been way too long since I've just wandered around and enjoyed the drive to nowhere. So I just wanted to gauge interest to see if anyone else might want to wander around the desert with me.

I just got out of brain surgery so no go fast stuff or jumping for me, but I'll be bringing my camera with me and would love to get some rad photos! It's been ages since I've shot any type of action photos so I'd be pumped to get some rad shots for anyone that wants to come out!

I'm also somewhat considering heading up the hill to Big Bear too, so that option's always out there as well.

I'm down for video too btw! Here's some footage I got from a couple years back from the Meatfest. If this doesn't get you pumped to get out to the desert then you're just a lost cause in my opinion 😂

Oh and look what I found! Another old video! Don't mind the lesbianmobile lol, but here's a short video from back when I used to live in Colorado. So if anyone was leaning towards Big Bear we could definitely get some cool jeep trail shots too!

Speaking of Big Bear, this is from back when I used to live in Big Bear! Haha long live project ZoomZoom!

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Heard rumor the swap meet relocated to Lazer Town this same weekend. Who's all gonna be out there? Let's meet up!
Just got into Cedar City, UT. and shooting to be in Barstow Wednesday night, then head up to Big Bear to say hi to some friends on Thursday, then probably head down to Johnson Valley on Friday. Who's all gonna be out there for the swap meet?