Strapped a Gopro to my 6 year old's head

Ha, Norco Fluid FS 1. Don't judge me, I'm not actually rich, just got a screaming deal on facebook marketplace.

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That thing is rad!

I just got my little dude going on 2014 Haro Flightline 20... got it for 20 bucks.... Just put bars and shorter stem off my P2 dirt jumper and then some shorter brake levers and a new grip shifter and redid all the cables He's loving it. Still need to get some fresh tires maybe a post dropper if i can find one for cheap




it's so rad seeing the progression.... I was working on manuals earlier riding with them and seeing him start to try at 7... kid is gonna be towing me in at 9... like come on old man aha.



My daughter just graduated to the pedal bike... shes ripping already too...

sorry proud dad moment... 😭
That is awesome seeing him rip. My youngest is glued to two wheels. Taught himself to bunny hop at 4, dropped in the skatepark bowls at 5, and we've been building the dirt jump pack in the front yard bigger each year that it's now making the wife nervous. Lately his go to steed is his 24in Specialized that he jumps just as big as has no trouble ripping technical downhills. He has heel clickers down on the trampoline bike so I could only imagine the progression of air bag, that looks like a great idea.