'85 SA Toyota 4Runner - Stoked to be here


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Nov 15, 2023
Escondido, CA.
Heeeeey.đź‘‹ My name is Hurricane, I work at Bent Motorsports. I've been doin this offroad thing my whole life. I started with dirtbikes and gratuated to pre-runners, rock crawlers, sand cars, you name it. Currently wheelin' an 1986 straight axle swapped Toyota 4runner. I'm a welder in the process of learning about offroad fabrication. Trying to earn my keep haha. Myself and the boys over at Bent Motorsports are currently building a CJ7 to race 2024 King of the Hammers 4600 class. This will be our first time racing rather than pitting for another team, so needless to say we are stoked.

More importantly, we recently recorded a podcast with the Bad Lines Good Times crew. We talked all things off road and about how essential it is to instill a sence of urgency and importance in the upcoming generations to save our deserts and keep them clean. Everybody's gotta do their part, and we want to be part of the solution.

Check it out tomorrow, Friday 11/17 at 11am PST on the Bent Motorsports YouTube channel.
We post new off road related videos, podcasts, tech tips, and more every Friday.

If your interested, you can also check out my personal YouTube channel here:

Stoked to finally be on here! cheers.

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