PreRunner but its not a regular build


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Feb 25, 2024
Dallas, Tx
Hi, my name is Joe. I got this POS car that ive trying to make into a prerunner car but its been hell. Ive just put spring booster to get a 1.5-2 inch lift so i can put 29" tires (originally it came with 24.5"). Ive been hitting trails at decent speed but the the spring booster made me loose suspension travel so I'm trying to get it lifted and have longer suspension travel with over the counter parts (parts that can be ordered or baught locally). Ive already bent a strut and both front lower control arms, instead of replacing em with oem parts i rather just figure out how to make the lift.

I hope to see yall build threads so it can give me ideas how to make the lift.


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the easiest thing to do would be to drop the suspension pivot points or the whole front and rear suspension cradles down so that the car is at the desired height with the suspension at mid travel. A body lift basically. Then find longer struts from another vehicle that you can adapt to this car and use the upper strut mounts in their original position.