Prelander from Iowa


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Aug 14, 2023
What's up everyone! New guy here that loves all things Baja, short course, Trophy Trucks, class 11's, etc.

I'm currently wishing I lived near the desert (and more like-minded people) while being up in the midwest. 😆

Anyways, I'm headed to Crandon for the world championships next weekend to get my racing fix in my 2016 F150. Currently it has Bajakits UCA's, Ford Performance Fox coilovers and rear shocks, RPG rear bump stop kit with Fox 2.5 bumps, tentbox rtt and tuff stuff bedrock, raceline wheels and 35" bfg's, and a RPG chase rack with 2 spares. Also a few other little things I'm forgetting I'm sure.

Future plans are for a mid/long travel kit in the front (bajakits or dirtking) and some deavers in the back. I have fiberwerx raptor fenders in the garage staring me down so I need to pull the trigger soon.😂

Hope to learn and see some rad trucks here!

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