Point Mugu 4x4 Club assists USFS in clearing Lockwood Trail through to Sunset Camp

Pt Mugu RAM 4x4

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Feb 9, 2024
Camarillo, CA
This past weekend, 18 members of Point Mugu 4x4 Club (PM4x4) in 13 rigs assisted the USFS in clearing the Lockwood Trail from the locked gates, into Yellowjacket, Cottonwood Camp and down to Sunset Camp. The Bakersfield Trailblazers handled the trail portion from Sunset Camp, up Miller and out the top by Dutchman Camp. We cleared overgrown brush and assessed the trails. The winter rains definitely took it's toll, with rain water runoff cuts into downhill trail sections to a foot deep or more, you definitely have to straddle to get through sections. We spent Saturday night at Cottonwood and drove out Sunday morning, clearing brush on our way out. 4LowLance did a great job coordinating this annual PM4x4 Club event with the USFS. Hopefully the locked gates will soon be unlocked for public access. Our rigs didn't have a single mechanical failure and just one tire issue on the last creek crossing at the locked gate. We had several of our club members along who are USFS certified sawyers for the chainsaw use and we were prepared medically with AEDs and Oxygen along, just in case. If you get the opportunity to do such trail work in your area, please contribute to help us keep our trails open for our use! Keith Mac
Hows the trail looking after that creek crossing up to dutchman? I've always been curious if I could do it with my spool and no front driveline lol
Hows the trail looking after that creek crossing up to dutchman? I've always been curious if I could do it with my spool and no front driveline lol
That would be pretty adventurous. Maybe?!? But I wouldn’t try it alone haha.


U.S. Forest Service - Los Padres National Forest

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Great news! Roads, trails and recreation areas on on the eastern section of the Mt. Pinos OHV area have been repaired and reopened. This was made possible by the dedicated work of Mt. Pinos District employees, volunteers, and members of several Mt. Pinos Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) clubs.
Open areas:
Roads: Grade Valley/Mutau Flats Road 7N03, Lockwood Creek 8N12, Frazier Mountain 8N04, Gold Hill Road 8N01
Trails: Fishbowls, Cedar Creek, Johnston Ridge, and Buck Creek Trail Heads too.
Campgrounds: Kings, Halfmoon, Cedar Creek, Fishbowls, Pine Springs, Cottonwood, Sunset, Dutchman, Little Mutau, Buck Creek.

The following areas will remain CLOSED for both public and first responder safety:
Thorn Meadows Road (7N03-B)
Tinta Road (7N04)
Tinta Trail (24W02)
Rancho Nuevo Road (7N04-A)
West Dry Canyon Road (8N19)
Santa Barbara Canyon (9N11) from ranch gate to Cox Flat
The Forest Closure Order for the Dry Canyon area still remains in effect.
The public is strongly encouraged to respect the closure as hazardous conditions remain on these roads making travel unsafe and at times impossible and present a significant challenge to any potential rescue operation in the area.
Fore more information, please visit the Los Padres National Forest website: https://www.fs.usda.gov/goto/lpnf/mt.pinos.