For Sale Parting out 1994 Ford Explorer 4x4 4.0V V6 BAD TRANSMISSION


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Apr 5, 2022
Ok so parting this vehicle out. 1994 4.0l v6 auto(that's bad and has been remove) electric shift t-case ( unknown condition but was told it worked fine) and a 4.0L motor with 140K miles that I was told worked fine, complete D35 TTB front end with warn hubs and a drum brake 8.8 rearend. Had good doors and rear hatch, manual windows, bad door panels and a bunch of other random exploder/ranger parts in the back. So if you think you can do a better job of TTB swapping your rig than Bodj or want something TTB swapped like a 4runner or whatever I got the donor for you. Let me know what you're looking for.PXL_20230307_173010434.jpgPXL_20230307_182717085.jpgPXL_20230307_182741702.jpgPXL_20230307_182744057.jpgPXL_20230307_182751160.jpgPXL_20230307_182757856.jpgPXL_20230307_182801232.jpgPXL_20230307_182832692.jpgPXL_20230307_182836158.jpgPXL_20230307_183226256.jpgPXL_20230307_183228622.jpgPXL_20230307_183246873.jpgPXL_20230307_183258156.jpgPXL_20230307_183301944.jpgPXL_20230307_183311334.jpg
Haha oops. Doesn't even matter unless this thing is stolen but I got a bill of sale so dgaf it's on him I just would lose the parts so I that case parts need to be sold quick, make deals to come get it sooner than later. LoL
Well I got the D35 explorer for front frame section AND an 89 Bronco front frame if you desire 5x5.5 pattern and D44 front end. TTB swap the world and in your parts supplier now with my growing collection
What color is the interior? Grey or the blue/grey?

Also, I need the dash register (vent) that's left of the steering column.
Grey interior. Hitch $50 I'm going to Santa Maria tomorrow and can bring with me if you want them shoot me a DM