Parting out vehicles


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Apr 5, 2022
Ok so I usually have a few trucks I'm selling parts off of. I do it pick your part style meaning bring tools and remove them yourself. I have following vehicles. 1971 F350 flatbed dually, no motor but has 4 speed manual trans, a 69 F100 I'm selling some body parts off of, keeping the axle and front end, a 75 F250 supercab. Keeping the cab and doors front end is sold but has rear axle and manual steering box still. An 88 Bronco no wheels or tires cab part of body is good no rust or big dents, complete frame and front TTB minus locking hubs. An 85 Bronco roller, 8.8 rear axle and no front wheels/tires. An 83 Bronco with front end and frame chopped off 8.8 rearend. A 93 Bronco gas tank and top with minor deep scratches from accident and small holes through top where roof rack was. A 92 explorer 4x4 complete roller with body panels crank doors, no drivetrain besides front TTB and rear axle, which isn't disc brakes. A 89 Ford F250 460 auto. Motor had injectors and throttle body adapter taken off or loose so motor has some dirt that blew into it but was told it ran good when parked because it failed smog. Has Auto trans, no OD and manual shifter transfer case. Post up what you're looking for and will make you guys better deals than marketplace since you're in the off-road community. Will also get closer photo of each vehicle so you can see body panels and more details on each. Parts come and go often so will update thread when I get new vehicle or vehicles leave.
More photos. Interior on expo is grey. Front seats are good condition. Door panels arm rests are no good.

If you mean hub lock AK locking hubs. They are perfect and are getting sold with the complete front end for $500. I'm not selling just the locking hubs. If you need just the locking hubs I would buy a set online or off Amazon
Ok that is the locking hub. Not parting out the complete axle. You just need to find some 30 spline Dana 50 locking hubs. Common part that lots of companies make like warn, mile marker or ebay for used ford ones
Got a couple more Broncos. I have a lot of Broncos a couple bumpside trucks and an 89 f250 4x4. Also have the 9in under this 83 Bronco and a 69 F100. $450 ea for those.

Do you happen to have the stock bed for the obs f150 ?

The perfect stocked white one has been sold. I have a long bed on a 1990 crew cab truck. The bed looks to be in decent shape but isn't perfect or with Line-X like the white one was. 150 bucks with tailgate. I don't have any photos on my phone but I will get one when I get home in an hour or so and post it.
1990 bed photos. Been spray painted. Rubbed something on pass rear side which pushed in bed a little bit. PXL_20231104_192922927.jpgPXL_20231104_192927421.jpgPXL_20231104_192932725.jpg